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A Specialty Healthcare System for
the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Driving the Standard of Care in Eating Disorder Treatment

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Most eating disorder treatment programs start with the question, “How can we fit you into the treatment we offer?” At Veritas Collaborative we ask, “How can we give you the treatment you need?”

It’s a very different approach to care. But then, we built Veritas to be different, able to offer all levels of care, so you or your loved one can start at the level that truly meets your needs. We treat people of all ages and genders, at any stage of life. And we build every care plan around best practices and proven therapies, delivered with expertise, understanding, and compassion.

Our goal is to help anyone with an eating disorder get the care that’s right for them at every stage of treatment—because that’s the key to lasting recovery.

Veritas Collaborative has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™ for healthcare quality and safety. There is no higher accreditation.

Care Without Compromise

Why Veritas Collaborative

At Veritas Collaborative, we envision a world in which all persons with eating disorders, as well as their families and communities, have access to best-practice care and hold hope for a cure.

It’s why we treat all people with eating disorders, of any gender and any age, and are committed to removing barriers to care.

It’s why we’ve built a comprehensive healthcare system to treat eating disorders, allowing us to provide a full continuum of care, from outpatient therapy to inpatient hospitalization.

It’s why we offer a comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment to determine each person’s unique needs, and start treatment at the level of care most effective at addressing them.

It’s why our treatment model is based exclusively on best-practice therapies supported by research.

And it’s why we collaborate with referring providers throughout treatment, ensuring a seamless transition and support from admission to discharge from our Centers and Hospitals and beyond.

At Veritas, you will receive the very best treatment, delivered in a warm and inclusive environment, by a caring and highly qualified team that knows the way to recovery.

That’s our promise, and making good on it is why we do everything we do.

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Our Treatment Model

The Foundation of Your Recovery

We build each individualized care plan around treatment practices and therapies that create a foundation for lasting recovery.

Multidisciplinary Care Team

Multidisciplinary Care Team

We surround each individual with a supportive treatment team throughout their recovery.

Evidence-based Treatment Approach

Evidence-based Treatment Approach

A never-ending commitment to best-practice care.

Recovery Rooted in Families & Communities

Recovery Rooted in Families & Communities

When we collaborate, we are stronger than any of us alone.

Gender-Diverse & Inclusive Environment

Gender-Diverse & Inclusive Environment

Eating disorders don’t discriminate and neither do we.

Hands-on Culinary Program

Hands-on Culinary Program

Designed to teach lifelong skills that restore and maintain a healthy relationship with food.

The Truth About Eating Disorders

Despite common misconceptions, eating disorders can affect anyone regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, body shape or weight, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. They are complex psychiatric illnesses stemming from a variety of genetic, biological, and environmental factors. There is no single cause to point to or to blame. They are not choices; they affect nearly one in ten U.S. residents, and left untreated, they can be deadly.

30 Million

individuals in the United States alone will suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their lives.

1 in 3

individuals with an eating disorder is male.


of individuals with eating disorders need a higher level of care in order to recover from their eating disorder.

  • “This disease is incredibly isolating and makes you question everything as a caregiver and parent. Veritas makes me feel like I am never alone.”

    – Will, Family Advocate

  • “One of the things I value is the… sharing of information during the hand-off (of patients). My experience with Veritas in this area is super good.”

    – RD, LDN, Washington, DC

  • “Recovery is real. But it takes cooperation, hard work, and the support of a strong, professional team—and we got that at Veritas.”

    – Veritas Parent, Durham, NC

  • “What I really needed was structure and support—I needed a place like Veritas.”

    – Veritas Patient, Durham, NC

Recovery Starts Here

If you have questions about anything - eating disorders, our programs, specific needs or concerns - or you'd like to schedule an initial phone assessment or a comprehensive in-person medical assessment, please give us a call or complete our contact form. Our admissions team is here to help.

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