“This disease is incredibly isolating and makes you question everything as a caregiver and parent. Veritas makes me feel like I am never alone.”

– Will, Family Advocate

“Recovery is real. But it takes cooperation, hard work, and the support of a strong, professional team—and we got that at Veritas.”

– Veritas Parent, Durham, NC

“Thankful for this Eating Disorder resource in our area. They provide an evidenced based approach to diagnosis & treatment options. This mental health illness often requires a long journey to recovery & the treatment teams in both Richmond & Durham have been key contributors to our knowledge & education about the illness. The intake clinic appointments are thorough evaluations to determine your child’s best success. Unfortunately there are limited resources in Virginia, but you will find similar approaches to ED treatment elsewhere in other states if they are credible in the treatment of eating disorders. For any parent searching for help, this is a a great place to start. Yes, you may not like their recommendation, but they base it on various factors & what is going to give your child their best shot at beating this horrible illness.”

– Jodie, Veritas Parent, Richmond, VA

“It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life to leave my loved one here. We were all scared, but we were more scared about what might happen if we didn’t. The Veritas team are experts in this field and also-they were so kind and compassionate. The team members were solid, especially important because the path forward was rocky and eating disorders thrive and grow in lies, fear, and denial. Wading through all of that, during the start of the COVID pandemic, was hard for everyone. Incredibly, the Veritas team kept our loved one going and us. There are a lot of peaks and valleys to recovery, and trusting the process seems impossible at times. I’m glad for the Community of Support sessions and the sessions to connect with our loved one, because that helped us better understand how to connect. I can’t imagine anyone feels like their experience and journey toward recovery was perfect, and hearing and realizing “recovery is not linear” was also hard. However, now a year on the other side, having gone through all the levels, we are each stronger and most importantly our loved one has made real progress in recovery. The Veritas team saved our loved one’s life. I will always be grateful to the team. Peace be with you, if you are walking through this path, remember to take it one day at a time and be gentle with yourself.”

– Jackie, Veritas Loved One, Atlanta, GA

“One of the things I value is the… sharing of information during the hand-off (of patients). My experience with Veritas in this area is super good.”

– RD, LDN, Washington, DC

“If you want treatment that lasts, from an understanding, compassionate and knowledgeable team then this is who you need on your side.”

– Dianne, Charlotte, NC

“Overall, these trained professionals are the best. They do all they can for the residents and families as well; from nutrition education, to proven therapy, to compassion and strong and unwavering dedication to keep our kids safe in their battle with a missunderstod and deadly illness. While not everything was perfect, we learned the tools necessary for when we were able to leave Durham. I have so much respect for all the staff and standards in the facility and would recommend should you need care for a loved one to not accept anything less than Veritas.”

– Veritas Parent, Durham, NC

“I was at the Veritas Hospital in ATL for about 10 weeks. The environment is scary when you’re just walking into it. I had struggled with my ED for almost 5 years. I’m out of treatment now. I feel fully recovered and I’m expecting my first child. I have Veritas to thank for my recovery and freedom. I highly recommend Veritas 100% ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

– Lauren, Veritas Patient, Atlanta, GA

“The staff is first class. If you are looking for experts in the field this is the place to go. It is not an easy thing to go through which is why I think they got some negative reviews. I Highly recommend them!”

– Kathy, Veritas Patient, Atlanta, GA

“What I really needed was structure and support—I needed a place like Veritas.”

– Veritas Patient, Durham, NC

Recovery Starts Here

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