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Leadership & Staff

The Veritas Collaborative multidisciplinary team works closely with each other and those meaningfully involved in the lives of our patients to make a positive and lasting impact. Veritas Collaborative is dedicated to providing best-practice care, endless support, and helpful resources on the road to recovery.

We are passionate about changing the world.

We are determined to change the field of eating disorders so that all persons with eating disorders and their families have access to premier care.

We are dreamers.

We are doers.

We take action.

We impart infectious passion about our mission.

We treat others and ourselves with dignity.

We go above and beyond.

Through advocacy, excellence, attention to detail, innovation, asking questions, problem solving and overcoming barriers, we accomplish meaningful change in the world and in the lives of individuals.

When we collaborate, we are stronger than any of us alone.

We are humans, individuals, family members, direct care workers, patients, doctors, nurses, psychiatric and medical providers, dietitians, social workers, culinary specialists, therapists, advocates and professionals, working in collaboration with a singular goal: changing the way eating disorders are treated, for the better.

We share a common belief that this illness is lethal, but it doesn’t have to be.

Together, we save lives.