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Person paining with watercolors
March 25, 2020

10 Recovery-Focused Activities

As our day to day life may look different for the next few weeks, we have compiled a list of recovery-focused activities.

Bring out your art supplies.

Whether you like to draw, paint, sew, color – the list goes on – art is a therapeutic activity that can help ease anxiety and stress.

Connect with friends and family.

It is easy to feel isolated right now, especially with many people practicing social distancing. Take advantage of FaceTime, phone calls, online gaming, and virtual meetup groups.


Journaling is a valuable tool throughout eating disorder recovery.

Get some fresh air.

Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for our well-being. You can go on a walk, plant flowers in your garden, or sit in the sun all while practicing social distancing.

Start a virtual book club.

With some extra time on our hands, now is a great time to read that book that you haven’t gotten around to reading. Gather a group of friends and then host a virtual book-club over video chat to discuss your thoughts.

Complete a puzzle.

Puzzle-making is a calming activity that can help ease your mind during times of uncertainty.

Have a good laugh.

It’s true: laughter is the strongest medicine. Laughter strengthens your immune system, boosts mood, and decreases stress. Find a funny movie, watch funny videos, or read a joke book.

Practice self-care.

Self-care can sometimes be the same as self-preservation and in your recovery and can decrease the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Here are nine ways to practice self-care.

Write a letter.

Sit down and write handwritten letters to friends, family, service members, elderly in nursing homes, etc. Making others smile is a great feeling.

Have a daily check-in.

It is important to check-in with yourself – how are you managing your recovery during these uncertain times? Do you need additional support? If so, reach out to your support team. Remember, that reaching out and asking for additional support only makes you stronger in your recovery.

This won’t last forever. We are in this together and together we are stronger.