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A Checklist for Parents – First Steps to Getting Your Child into Treatment

Early detection, initial evaluation, and effective treatment are important steps that can help an individual struggling with an eating disorder to move into recovery more quickly, preventing the disorder from progressing to a more severe or chronic state.

Recovery from an eating disorder requires professional help, and an individual’s chances of recovery improve as soon as they begin treatment. It can be frustrating to watch a loved one suffer and refuse to seek help. Parents of children under 18 can often require that their child’s eating disorder be treated, even if the child doesn’t buy-in to the idea that treatment is necessary.

Helping your loved one recover from an eating disorder will take a lot of work from everyone involved. As with many jobs, having the right tools is crucial. Eating disorders have a steep learning curve, and you and your family member will need to develop crucial skills in order to work towards recovery.

If someone you love is suffering from an eating disorder (or symptoms and behavior suggest that possibility), it’s important to get a level of care assessment. You can help your loved one on the path to recovery by learning more, starting a conversation, and knowing your treatment options.

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