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Contributing to the Education on Pediatric Eating Disorders for Medical Students

Q&A with Dr. Preeti Matkins

If you’ve ever met Dr. Preeti Matkins, then you know how fortunate we are to have her at the helm of Veritas Collaborative’s Charlotte Clinic. As an expert in adolescent pediatrics, Dr. Matkins is committed to her patients’ recovery from eating disorders and relies on a 26-year career of science-based practice to create positive outcomes for families. It’s that passion for adolescent health that inspired her to give back to the medical community as a contributing author to the seventh edition of Blueprints Pediatrics, a review book for medical students.

We sat down with Dr. Matkins to find out more about her work as a contributing author.

Veritas Collaborative (VC): We understand that you recently contributed to a book edited by Bradley S. Morino and Katie S. Fine. Tell us a bit about the book and your involvement.

Dr. Matkins (DM): Absolutely. Blueprints Pediatrics, Seventh Edition is a review book for medical students. The Blueprints brand is well known for its board review materials in a variety of specialties. An earlier edition of the Pediatrics book, to which I also contributed, was published in 2013, so I feel honored to contribute yet again to the 2019 edition. I wrote the book’s third chapter on adolescent medicine and was pleased to see the book publish in February.

VC: How will this book be used within the medical community?

DM: Every medical student is required to go through a rotation process as part of their medical training. They receive a variety of experiences, from geriatrics to pediatrics. It’s really a great process to determine where your passions reside, but also a great learning experience to gain a knowledge base for a variety of practice areas. After each rotation, students are tested on their knowledge via written, oral or simulated exams to gauge their level of competency. It’s a tough, but productive, process and students often need a point of reference as study material prior to their exam – something to really pull together all that they’ve learned during their rotation.

As an analogy, a high school student might purchase an SAT prep book prior to the SAT, whereas a medical student might purchase Blueprints Pediatrics prior to their pediatrics rotation exam – and I must say that the pediatric content is pretty complex, so narrowing it down to essentials for a review book was difficult.

It’s also important to note that while this is written as a review book for med school students, it’s also a helpful tool for nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

VC: We know you’re a busy physician with a full schedule and an expanding Charlotte practice. What compelled you to spend your “free time” contributing to this book?

DM: There are a few reasons this project interested me. First, before this edition was published, the most recent edition was from 2013. So much has changed in the past five years, especially where it’s related to eating disorders. So, when I was approached about creating a revised version with updated, relevant content, I knew it would be a great opportunity to again collaborate with like-minded professionals and share the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my career treating patients with eating disorders. Having invested an entire career in adolescent medicine, I’ve learned a lot and thought it valuable to give back to a community that helped to mold me.

Second, I enjoy teaching! I love that what I have to share helps others learn, and it helps me stay energized as well. Teaching people earlier in their career brings a lot of energy and optimism that sustains even seasoned veterans, but teaching colleagues and specialists in other disciplines is also life-giving because eager learners refreshes and motivates me.

VC: How can interested individuals read your work?

DM: Blueprints Pediatrics can be purchased wherever medical textbooks are sold. It’s also available on Amazon for $54.99.

About Dr. Preeti Matkins

Dr. Preeti Matkins is a board-certified pediatrician with 25 years of experience, eight of which have been spent providing care for children and young adults impacted by eating disorders. Dr. Matkins is the Executive Director of the Veritas Collaborative center in Charlotte, NC.



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