Dr. Holly Rogers Shares New Mindfulness Book with Veritas Collaborative Staff

Veritas Collaborative welcomed Holly Rogers, M.D., staff psychiatrist
at at Duke University’s Counseling and Psychological Services, to share with the Veritas Collaborative University Program staff the principles outlined in her and Dr. Margaret Maytan’s new book, Mindfulness for the Next Generation:  Helping Emerging Adults Mange Stress and Lead Healthier LivesThe book is an easy-to-use guide detailing a four-session mindfulness-based program called ‘Koru,’ the symbol for mindfulness practice benefits – simultaneous growth and stability toward satisfaction in daily life.

KORU: the spiral shape of the unfurling fern frond; the natural representation of the balance between perpetual growth and stability

College & university students experience significant stress as they pursue personal, educational, and career goals.  These stressful challenges increase the risk of psychological distress and mental illness among this age group, and can be a precursor for the development of the most lethal of all mental illnesses: an eating disorder.  While scientific research has shown that practicing mindfulness can manage stress and enhance quality of life, traditional methods of teaching mindfulness are not always effective for this developmental stage. Drs. Rogers and Maytan have created a new effective approach to teaching important mindfulness skills to university and college students, and conduct sessions of the “Koru” method for Duke University students with wildly popular success.

The mindfulness skills embedded in Drs. Rogers and Maytan’s book are reflective of a therapy model utilized in the treatment of young men and women within the Veritas Collaborative University Program. The Veritas Collaborative University Program is specifically tailored to the needs of college & university students, providing comprehensive and individualized eating disorder treatment services to an age group now commonly referred to as ’emerging adults.’

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