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June 3, 2019

Episode 10: Binge Eating Disorder and Weight Bias

Episode description:

Weight bias is the negative attitudes, beliefs, assumptions, and judgments toward individuals because of their weight. Abbie Scott and Maggie Meyers of The Emily Program join Peace Meal to discuss the reality of weight stigma in relation to individuals with binge eating disorder (BED)—and what we can do to break the stigma and better help individuals who are struggling with BED.

Episode show notes:

Episode 10 of Peace Meal features Abbie Scott and Maggie Meyers. Abbie Scott is a registered dietitian at The Emily Program who is passionate about eating disorder prevention, mindful movement, and Health at Every Size. Maggie Meyers is a site director at The Emily Program who is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Maggie Meyers kicks off the episode by discussing what binge eating disorder is and why it is a complex disorder that isn’t just about overeating. For those suffering from binge eating disorder, experience with weight bias is extremely common. Examples of weight bias include providers dismissing overweight clients with BED by advising them to go on a diet, clothing stores only carrying certain sizes, and the size of airplane seats.

In response to weight bias came the Health at Every Size movement (HAES). HAES celebrates body diversity and supports people of all sizes to find healthy behaviors that work for their well-being. HAES promotes the critical awareness of body diversity and challenges stigmas about weight, size, and eating disorders.

Abbie Scott reinforces HAES by explaining that medical providers receive medical information about clients like BMI and height, but that it is vital to note an individual’s behavior around food, body, and activity. Understanding these behaviors is crucial in eating disorder diagnosis and treatment because you cannot tell by looking at someone if they have an eating disorder or what diagnosis they would have.

Abbie and Maggie wrap up this episode by discussing why healthy individuals come in all different sizes and how communities can work to promote wellness and body acceptance.

Per Abbie’s recommendation, you can watch Poodle Science here.

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