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March 20, 2019

Episode 5: Anna’s Recovery Story

Episode description:

This is the first episode in our new Recovery Series. The Recovery Series aims to share stories of those in eating disorder recovery in hopes of starting conversations, breaking stigmas, and encouraging healing. In this episode, host Claire Holtz sits down with Japanese-American singer-actor Anna Hashizume as she shares her story of healing.

Episode show notes:

Anna Hashizume is a singer-actor and voice teacher in the Twin Cities. She has her undergraduate degree in music and theater and her Master’s Degree in music. After school, Anna decided to broaden her scope of performing and now does opera, musical theater, and plays. She has a YouTube channel under the name of Anna Miyuki where she strives to create a place where actors and singers can navigate the world of performing without feeling so alone.

On the show, Anna shares how she first developed an eating disorder at 19 and how it changed her life. Anna shares the importance of her family in prompting treatment and how they were a driving force in her recovery.

From starting treatment at Indiana University during the school year to attending The Emily Program during the summers, Anna learned ways to cope with her disordered eating and started developing a more healthy relationship with her food and body.

Today, Anna is in eating disorder recovery and says the best part of recovery is peace of mind. She no longer spends time thinking about food or what she will eat and says that brain space now goes to all of the projects that she loves to pursue. She says this peace of mind allowed her to excel in what she really loves doing—performing and teaching.

For those interested in Anna’s work, you can find her at her websiteInstagram, or YouTube. You can find us at or by calling 855-875-5812.

Our eating disorder treatment centers can be a place to heal and form new associations with food and your body.

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