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May 19, 2021

Episode 52: The Gifts of Recovery with Katie Price

Episode description:

Katie Price is a registered nurse and yoga teacher whose understanding of what it means to care for bodies—both hers and others’—has been shaped by her recovery from anorexia. She cares deeply about walking alongside others struggling with eating disorders and hopes that by sharing her story, she can offer hope and support.

In this episode of Peace Meal, Katie offers exactly that. She shares the many gifts within her story of illness and healing, revealing the light, growth, and support that can be found in moments of darkness and challenge.

Katie begins with an honest account of life with anorexia, an illness her parents recognized early on. A meal plan, weight checks, and outpatient appointments were established quickly, but the eating disorder fought to maintain its hold. Katie found herself caught in a “tenuous dance” between it and recovery.

The eating disorder led Katie to what seemed like the lowest point possible. “It felt like the darkest, rockiest bottom I could have ever imagined,” she reflects about the moment she entered a higher level of care. But there, at the hospital, is not only where she started to crawl out of the pit of anorexia, but also where she began to realize the gifts of connection, support, and hope she’d continue to find along her journey.

Describing her life now, Katie paints a picture rich with feeling and meaning. It is not free from challenges—far from it, especially as a nurse during the pandemic—but still, she notes, it beats the days spent in illness.

Even when it’s hard, she says, “I’m present to it, and it’s the fullness of life that I fought so hard for. And it’s so much better than my eating disorder—even when it’s a lot to handle—so I’m endlessly grateful for that.”

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