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Maddy Walters
June 1, 2021

Episode 53: Social Media and Recovery with Maddy Walters

Episode description:

Maddy Walters is a psychology student passionate about eating disorder research and advocacy. She brings her passion and personal experience to this episode of Peace Meal to help us examine the intersection of social media and eating disorder recovery. We explore what it’s like to share your recovery online and to engage with others sharing theirs.

Maddy reflects on what she’s learned by creating a recovery Instagram account and how her recovery has evolved in the time since she did. Highlighting the key benefits and challenges of participating in an online recovery community, she offers insight into both the rewarding and tricky parts. She emphasizes the importance of protecting and prioritizing recovery—online and off—and leaves us with practical strategies for others trying to heal in a social media world.

We cover:

  • Why and when Maddy decided to create a recovery Instagram page
  • Finding solidarity, support, and encouragement in people who are also recovering
  • The impact of triggering content online, including that which is intended as recovery inspiration
  • Strategies for engaging with social media in recovery
  • Resources to practice and protect your recovery both online and in real life

In Maddy’s words:

  • On encountering triggering content on social media: “If I see something that’s really good about a page, but there’s still so much that’s making me feel bad… I block, I restrict, I unfollow. Because there are a lot that don’t do that.”
  • On what’s good about eating disorder recovery: “What’s not good?! I really just cherish every single day since I can actually enjoy it and understand what’s good about it instead of just focusing on myself.”
  • On protecting your recovery when using social media: “It’s so important to guard your space.”

Find Maddy on Instagram at @maddyjwalters.

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