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Eating Disorder Treatment Center - Holiday blog post
December 22, 2021

Episode 66: A Compilation of Advice for Those Doubting Recovery

Episode description: 

In this special holiday episode, we have compiled some powerful insights on recovery from several of our 2021 guests who have experienced it themselves. Throughout the year, we asked our podcast guests with a personal eating disorder story this question: “What would you tell someone listening who believes recovery isn’t possible for them?” This episode features some of the answers we received in response. 

Many of our guests share how they once thought that recovery wasn’t possible for them as well, but every little step they made toward healing was so important. While acknowledging how challenging recovery can be, they also emphasize how much better it is than having an eating disorder. If you are experiencing or recovering from an eating disorder yourself, we hope that this episode leaves you with some hope and wisdom on your path to healing. 

  1. Episode 49: Managing Perfectionism with Kesslee
  2. Episode 52: The Gifts of Recovery with Katie Price
  3. Episode 59: Choosing Recovery with Kathryn
  4. Episode 53: Social Media and Recovery with Maddy Walters
  5. Episode 44: Recovery as a Journey with Rachel Wilshusen
  6. Episode 51: Staying Motivated in Recovery with Abby Anderson
  7. Episode 58: Advancing Eating Disorders Education with Shikha Advani
  8. Episode 54: Building Body Trust with Holly Toronto
  9. Episode 50: Food is More Than a Nutrition Label with Kenzie Osborne
  10. Episode 64: Healing Has No Age Limit with Betsy Brenner
  11. Episode 56: The Healing Power of Horses with Lisa Whalen
  12. Episode 43: Giving Voice to Eating Disorder Stories with Kiera Russo
  13. Episode 65: Honoring Your Hunger with Hannah Howard
  14. Episode 55: Eating Disorders in Fiction with Emily Layden
  15. Episode 62: Eating Disorders in the Jewish Community with Lucie Waldman

If you’d like to share your recovery story on the podcast, please reach out to us at We look forward to hearing your story and more next year on Peace Meal. 

Learn more about Veritas Collaborative, especially our eating disorder treatments centers, online or by calling 1- 855-875-5812.

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Peace Meal is a podcast hosted by The Emily Program and Veritas Collaborative that covers topics related to eating disorders, body image, and how society may influence our thinking.

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