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April 17, 2019

Episode 7: Kristine’s Recovery Story

Episode description:

(TW: Rape). Peace Meal’s Recovery Series aims to share stories of those in eating disorder recovery in hopes of starting conversations, breaking stigmas, and encouraging healing. Kristine Irwin is a mother, advocate, and a survivor of rape and bulimia. It has been 14 years since her rape and she has been free of bulimia for 11 years. Kristine has taken time to heal and grow, which lead her to write the book Voices of Hope and start an organization against sexual assault called Voices of Hope.

Episode show notes:

Kristine Irwin kicks off this episode of Peace Meal by reflecting upon her rape and discussing how she found healing in the aftermath. One of her pursuits toward healing was the creation of her book Voices of Hope. Voices of Hope is the story of the trauma and pain endured by Kristine, her family and friends, and those around her. Kristine shares how the process of constructing Voices of Hope was therapeutic and healing.

In addition to discussing her assault and book, Kristine talks about her experience with bulimia. Kristine remembers receiving body messaging in high school that made her start to dislike her body. This judgment around appearance started affecting Kristine around the same time that her grandmother passed away. Shortly after this, Kristine recalls starting bulimic behaviors. She admits that bingeing and purging was a way she could cope with her grandmother’s passing and it gave her a sense of control over her life. Kristine also believes that her rape “affected her eating disorder and made it worse.”

Kristine’s mother is the one who pushed her to start treatment for her bulimia, which ultimately led her to recovery. During her recovery, Kristine reflects on her fear of relapsing during pregnancy and how having children caused her to love and appreciate her body more. At the end of the podcast, Kristine shares her best advice to those suffering from an eating disorder—reach out for help.

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