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Avery Mock
September 12, 2022

Episode 76: Accepting Recovery with Avery Mock

Episode description:

In this episode of Peace Meal, guest Avery Mock discusses how a goal to “get healthy” spiraled into an obsession with food and exercise that led to anorexia. He describes how he was a different person at the height of his eating disorder, burning bridges with the closest people around him. Thankfully, Avery was able to get into treatment to start his journey to recovery. Structure and support have been key to protecting his mental and physical health, he says. In recovery he has learned that food doesn’t need to take up so much space in his brain and that clothing size does not define his worth. Now he doesn’t need—or want—to change his body to be happy. Avery ends the episode by giving advice to those struggling with eating disorders, encouraging them to accept recovery. 

Avery is an anorexia survivor and mental health advocate dedicated to helping people recognize the warning signs of eating disorders and help others in recovery.

We cover:

  • The damaging impact of eating disorders on relationships, and the value of rebuilding these relationships in recovery
  • How recovery can make you realize that there is so much more to life than the food you eat
  • The importance of routine and stability in recovery
  • How the size of your clothing doesn’t define your worth
  • Why setbacks are normal in eating disorder recovery, as well as strategies for how to handle them

In Avery’s words:

  • On letting go of an eating disorder: “It can be hard to want to learn how to control [your eating disorder] when it’s been in your life for so long. Learning how to accept the fact that it does need to be controlled is really, really difficult, but I don’t regret in the slightest ever going to Veritas.”
  • On the value of an everyday routine: “The biggest pillar for me is… daily structure… Waking up, doing something, and then going to bed is a big part of what kind of fuels a steady and stable recovery for me.”
  • On shopping with an eating disorder vs. shopping in recovery: “Usually, back in my eating disorder, I would think, “What size do I want to have?” and now it’s like, “Well, what size do I need?”… I’ve gotten to a point to where I just don’t care what size I am. I’m a healthy size, that’s all that matters.”

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About the podcast:

Peace Meal is a podcast hosted by The Emily Program and Veritas Collaborative that covers topics related to eating disorders, body image, and how society may influence our thinking.

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