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Rebecca Amis
April 3, 2023

Episode 82: No Longer Settling for “Fine” with Rebecca Amis

Episode description:

In this episode of Peace Meal, Rebecca Amis shares her story of recovery from a decades-long eating disorder. Rebecca first traces her path through illness and healing, disclosing the risk factors that may have contributed to her anorexia, as well as the intense life transitions and medical issues that prolonged the disorder and complicated her recovery. 

Loneliness is a common thread through Rebecca’s years of struggles. She shares that she felt invisible and sorely misunderstood by those around her, resulting in the urge to hole up with nothing but the false sense of comfort that her disorder provided. The prospect of following a meal plan and losing the rules and rituals of her eating disorder terrified Rebecca and initially kept her from pursuing treatment. With the encouragement of her support system, she courageously surrendered to help and experienced a profound “rebirth” of self on the other side of suffering.

Rebecca is a 55-year-old woman who now finds joy and freedom and life after spending decades with an under-the-radar eating disorder. She resides in Southern California with her husband and enjoys travel, golf, skiing, napping, writing, and reading. She is writing a book entitled My Sweet Body: Memoirs of a Not So Daisied Life, hoping to touch those who have been affected by a long-term eating disorder.

We cover:

  • The intricate interplay of factors in the development of an eating disorder
  • The pseudo-safety eating disorders seem to offer during life transitions
  • Weighing the decision to seek help for an eating disorder
  • How the act of surrendering can help sustain recovery

In Rebecca’s words:

  • On the significance of treatment: “I stayed, and I ate, I completed my meals, and I met the most beautiful people on this earth. And it was the most meaningful experience – probably aside from having my children – the most meaningful experience I think I’ve ever had…it was magical.”
  • On the most surprising parts of recovery: “The freedom and the joy. That has been huge. There aren’t any shackles. There are no more shackles. I’m not bound anymore. To look back and realize that for so many years, I had those shackles and knowing that freedom is now possible.”
  • On advice to someone struggling and losing hope about recovery: “Try to surrender. Just try it… Try to trust the people that are wanting to help you. Lean on them. Use their trust for a little bit until you can trust yourself… Recovery is possible.”

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