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Introducing CARE IOP, Intensive Treatment for Binge Eating

Veritas Collaborative is excited to announce the addition of virtual CARE IOP to our continuum of eating disorder care. CARE—which stands for Cultivating Awareness and Resilience with Experience/Eating/Emotions—is specifically designed for adults with binge eating disorder (BED) or OSFED marked by a pattern of binge eating. The virtual intensive program provides therapeutic intervention and peer support while offering an opportunity for self-accountability and recovery-focused skill development at home. CARE IOP is currently available in North Carolina with plans to expand across other states. 

The introduction of CARE IOP follows a successful roll-out at The Emily Program, Veritas Collaborative’s sibling brand. CARE IOP was launched at The Emily Program in response to feedback from individuals affected by binge eating who felt group treatment settings often catered toward restrictive eating disorders. Highlighting their unique challenges with food and body, this valuable patient input affirms the need for a stand-alone program that effectively honors patients’ intersectional identities and lived experiences with binge eating.

CARE IOP provides a safe, weight-inclusive environment that supports the needs of those living with BED or OSFED with a pattern of binge eating. The intensive program responds to the challenges surrounding meals and snack times, food and body judgments, and complex intersectional issues related to weight. Overall health and wellbeing are at the forefront of CARE IOP as patients move through the core components of treatment and ultimately work toward developing a peaceful relationship with food and their body.

To learn more about CARE IOP programming, check out our CARE IOP page. For more information or to refer a patient, contact us at 1-855-875-5812.

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