It Began With One

As Veritas Collaborative celebrates its second year of operation this month, we reflect on our beginning. We’ve now cared for over 160 patients, but in June of 2012, it all began with one.

Two years after we opened our doors, we received this note from our first patient’s mother:


I can’t believe another year has passed. It must be because anorexia nervosa (AN) has taken a back seat in all of our lives. I think about both of you (Stacie and Chase) and Veritas a lot – with gratitude and respect for what you do and what you did for my daughter; although, she certainly did a lot for herself also. 

My daughter couldn’t be better or happier. She’s 16, just got her driver’s license today and is working this summer as a day camp counselor for a local YMCA. Not to brag, but she was chosen for the job as one of 15 from a candidate pool of over 60 and is the only 16 year old hired! She had a great academic year as a sophomore but was plagued with knee injuries in volleyball and soccer and will actually have outpatient surgery tomorrow to fix some ligament and bone damage. She is happy, healthy and isn’t afraid to have an ice cream cone here and there. She is completely enjoying these teenage years!

My daughter has to do an internship prior to graduating in 2016. She continues to talk about wanting to pursue a career in dietetics/nutrition as well as therapy to help others like her. You may hear from her in a few years about this.

All is good on our end and I hope the same for you and the Veritas family. Please send my best wishes to everyone with my daughter’s update. She will always be Patient 0001 and hopefully your biggest success story ever!”




THIS is why we do the work we do. To see young people thrive in recovery.

And Candy is right – the work is not ours alone. The young people we serve must do so much for themselves in this process, and we are humbled by their courage and determination each day.

As Veritas Collaborative continues to grow and improve our preeminent adolescent eating disorder treatment, we look forward to being a part of the journey to recovery for more patients and their families. We hope that they find the same joy that our very first patient and her family are now experiencing.

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