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Live podcast with Jessie Diggins and Jana Shortal
November 3, 2019

Make Peace With You – A Live Podcast with Jessie Diggins and Jana Shortal

We had a fantastic time at The Emily Program’s first live podcast event, Make Peace With You! Our discussion covered topics of perfectionism, social media, and eating disorder recovery.

Episode description:

Make Peace with You is a special live episode of Peace Meal focused on stories of embracing individuality and practicing self-acceptance. On November 2nd, host Dr. Jillian Lampert talked with Olympian Jessie Diggins and journalist Jana Shortal about how they learned to come to terms with body image issues and other challenges.

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Episode show notes:

Jessie Diggins was riding in her parents’ ski backpacks before she could walk. Jessie has gone on to have a distinguished career in cross-country skiing, earning several honors for her sport, including a gold medal in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

In 2018, Jessie revealed that had struggled with an eating disorder as a teenager, which set off a national conversation about eating disorders in athletes. By partnering with The Emily Program and WithAll, Jessie hopes she can change the narrative around body image and create a more positive, affirming society for people of all shapes, sizes, and identities.

“Let’s try to focus not on what our bodies look like, but rather what they can DO,” Jessie has said.

Jana Shortal is a reporter and co-anchor of “Breaking the News” on KARE 11. An accomplished journalist, Jana has won five regional Emmys in her career and is a member of the National Association of LGBTQ Journalists.

Jana made headlines herself earlier this year when she spoke out on NBC’s TODAY show about breaking the “unofficial dress code” for female on-air reporters and embracing her true sense of style.

“Maybe because of me somebody will watch and say, ‘I want to do that,” she told TODAY. “And they won’t think that they have to be somebody else because they saw me.”

During the podcast, we covered topics including why it’s important that we don’t expect perfection of ourselves, how to not live for “likes” on social media, and how pursuing recovery for an eating disorder can help us live our best lives.

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Listen to Podcast:

About the Podcast:

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