Missing School Should Not Prevent Seeking Treatment

For most adolescents, school is the place they spend the most time, energy, and attention. It is where they learn, socialize, eat, play, and make plans for their future.  When an adolescent is facing the possibility of needing a high level of care for an eating disorder, school issues can become a barrier to seeking inpatient/residential treatment. It can be devastating to imagine leaving school (and all it represents) to focus on recovery from an illness.  However, it is possible for patients to maintain progress in their coursework while seeking appropriate treatment. At Veritas Collaborative, patients are able to continue working on their coursework from their schools at home.

As the Education Coordinator, I contact each patient’s school and work closely with the teachers to obtain a curriculum for the patient to work on in our fully equipped, modern classroom.  The completed coursework is scanned and emailed back to the school for credit.  In addition, the patients receive attendance credit for attending school in our Durham Public Schools’ Hospital School program.

Whether the patient is gifted and talented or in need of exceptional accommodations, the Education Program at Veritas can meet the student’s individual needs.  In addition to having on-site, licensed teachers, up to 20 local university undergraduate students volunteer each week during the school year to tutor patients one-on-one in high-level math, science, and foreign language coursework. The patients feel productive and challenged academically in the nurturing environment.

While the patients’ health and meaningful recovery are always the priority at Veritas, focusing on their academics becomes a welcome piece of home for most patients. We seek to serve the whole person in his/her path to recovery – including academic progress.

About the Author

Mindy Elliot is the Director of Education and Quality Programming at Veritas Collaborative. She has a passion for working with students. She was our original Education Coordinator and has developed our academic programming since we opened in 2012. Mindy manages the education and vocation departments in our facilities and is dedicated to providing individualized education and vocation services to meet the unique needs of each patient during treatment.



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