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As the collective voice of the eating disorder community grows louder, we're determined to amplify the sound and bring cutting-edge research, best-practice care, and scientifically-backed information to the conversation. Our eating disorder blog touches on treatment, recovery, and hope.

It began with one patient.. now Veritas Collaborative has helped hundreds.

It Began With One

As Veritas Collaborative celebrates its second year of operation this month, we reflect on our beginning. We’ve now cared for over 160 patients, but in June of 2012, it all... Read More
Stuart Kaplan, Associate Medical Director

Stuart Kaplan, MD, FAAP Featured on News14

Stuart Kaplan, MD, FAAP, the Veritas Collaborative Associate Medical Director – Pediatrics, was featured on News14 In Depth this morning. The segment talks about the effects of eating disorders on... Read More