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As the collective voice of the eating disorder community grows louder, we're determined to amplify the sound and bring cutting-edge research, best-practice care, and scientifically-backed information to the conversation. Our eating disorder blog touches on treatment, recovery, and hope.

Eating Disorders and College Students

Kayla* was a 19-year-old sophomore art student who garnered the attention of her professors and was thought of as a protégé in the expression of abstract images. She was quiet... Read More

Recovery Isn’t A Straight Line

Recently my daughter has had some setbacks in her recovery. This is normal. Very normal. You’ll hear that from your team at Veritas Collaborative all through Residential and PHP. You’ll... Read More

Voices of Veritas: Katherine Toman

In our Voices of Veritas series, we’re introducing you to Veritas team members that help fulfill our vision of a world in which all persons with eating disorders have access... Read More