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As the collective voice of the eating disorder community grows louder, we're determined to amplify the sound and bring cutting-edge research, best-practice care, and scientifically-backed information to the conversation. Our eating disorder blog touches on treatment, recovery, and hope.

Rashida Price Veritas Collaborative

Voices of Veritas: Rashida Price, MSW

Rashida Price is one of the many every-day-heroes so often found roaming the hallways of Veritas Collaborative Adult Hospital in Durham, N.C. As the facility’s case manager, Rashida works tirelessly... Read More
two males talking veritas collaborative blog

Balanced Eating for Health

Nutrition is a hot topic year round, however come January it seems the presence of the newest nutrition fads takeover social media, bookstores, news articles and general conversation. It’s not... Read More
Leah Graves, Senior Director of Nutrition Services

Voices of Veritas: Leah Graves

Veritas Collaborative is home to some of the world’s most engaging thought leaders, compassionate caregivers, and science-minded multidisciplinary teams. Our team works day in and day out to drive the... Read More
man meditating on a mountain practicing self care

Make A Resolution To Practice Self-Care

You’ve successfully made it through another holiday season. This may not have been an easy feat, considering all the focus on festive food and possibly stressful family gatherings. Now you... Read More