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June 27, 2019

Practicing Self-Care During the Summer

The anticipation of summer – the warmer weather, vacations, and possibly changes in routine – can induce anxieties for those in recovery from an eating disorder, making it that much more important to practice regular self-care during the summer months.

Practicing self-care can sometimes be the same as self-preservation and in your recovery, it’s a necessity and a healthy way to find peace and joy. Before choosing a self-care activity, be mindful of your inner-self and decide what is best for you and your recovery at the moment.

Do you need time alone or with friends?

Do you need to get outside or stay cool inside?

Do you need to touch base with your support team?

Here are some ways to devote time to take care of yourself this summer:

Unplug: Whether it is for a day or a few hours, take a break from your computer, phone & social media and take some time to check in with yourself or connect with others.

Keep a gratitude journal: Whether you write a few sentences or a few bullet points, keeping track of the things that bring you joy can be a useful tool in your recovery.

Curl up with a good book: Find time to relax and unwind with a book that inspires you or brings you joy.

Try a new hobby: Think about something you’ve always wanted to do – maybe it’s pottery, painting or playing the piano – whatever it may be, give it a try!

Enjoy time with a good friend: Take time to connect with those that make you feel loved and supported. Invite a friend to watch a movie, go on a walk or visit a museum.

Create an upbeat summer playlist: Listening to upbeat music can improve your mood and mental well-being. Here are some summer playlist recommendations from NEDA.

Attend a yoga class: Yoga encourages self-acceptance and peace, which is an important part of the recovery journey.

Create a support team: Establish a support team and check in regularly. It is okay to ask for help or additional support – that is what makes you strong in your recovery.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to practice self-care. Evaluate what is best for you at the moment, giving yourself permission to choose an alternate plan if it makes you feel more comfortable. Your well-being is the most important thing.

About Veritas Collaborative

Veritas Collaborative is a specialty healthcare system for the treatment of eating disorders. Veritas provides a range of individualized, evidence-based services for ages 8 and older, including inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient levels of care in a gender-diverse and inclusive environment. Veritas envisions a world in which all persons with eating disorders and their families have access to best-practice care and hold hope for a cure. Our multidisciplinary team of treatment professionals includes physicians, psychiatrists, dietitians, therapists, nurses, teachers, culinary team members, and therapeutic assistants.