Recovery and Education Don’t Have to be Mutually Exclusive

When it comes to seeking high-level care for an eating disorder, concerns about school should never be a barrier for anyone, whether they are children, adolescents, college students, or adults. Parents may fear their children will fall behind in school if they seek treatment, adolescents don’t want to miss out on learning and everything school represents, and adults may worry about the transition between treatment and school or work.

Veritas Collaborative offers a range of education options for these concerns. At Veritas, we seek to serve the whole person in their path to recovery — including academic advancement. We are committed to providing patients of all ages with a personalized and comprehensive education program that allows them to maintain progress on their academic trajectory.

As the Director of Education at Veritas, I work with the education team to ensure every student receives integrated and personalized educational support throughout their recovery. Our staff collaborates closely to provide the best care, education, and resources for our patients. Read on to learn how Veritas’ education program is different.

Trained Staff

The foundation of the Veritas education program is our expert staff of high-level teachers and tutors. Every educator at Veritas is trained to work with people in recovery and to understand the eating disorders our students struggle with. Our program also provides educators with extensive training in prevalent personality traits, such as rigid thinking, and how to best work with students who exhibit these traits.

School Liaisons

The education program team builds strong relationships with patients’ schools to collaborate on learning plans. We are equipped to work with all types of schools — private, public, and charter schools, as well as homeschool curriculums — and offer a range of instructional options, including Advanced Placement courses. Through regular communication with teachers, Veritas ensures patients are equipped to successfully transition back to their learning environment with accommodations in place.

Personalized Curriculum

We work with every patient and their school to create an individualized plan supporting their learning progress. Students study in our fully-equipped, modern classrooms, with completed coursework getting scanned and emailed back to the school for credit. We are dedicated to ensuring every student feels productive and challenged academically in a nurturing environment. For children and adolescent patients, we keep parents informed every step of the way to ensure everyone is aligned with the learning plan.

Comprehensive Care

Dedicated to full-spectrum care, our teachers regularly communicate with patients’ recovery teams, including therapists, psychologists, medical providers, and dietitians, to provide a cohesive recovery program and learning environment.

Transitional Services for Adults

We also provide educational and career support for adult patients. For college students, Veritas education and vocation coordinators provide a spectrum of services to help patients navigate higher education and career aspirations. For young adults enrolled in college who seek inpatient and residential treatment, we aid in that transition.

For adults, the education program helps patients transition from full-time work to treatment and then back to employment. Adult patients can also benefit from our career coaching and life skills groups, with offerings in resume writing, career interests, time management, and community service.

With comprehensive care, trained staff, and personalized support, the education team aims to alleviate the most common barriers for patients seeking high-level care for an eating disorder. At Veritas, we are passionate about equipping patients with everything they need to receive a full continuum of care.

About the Author

Mindy Elliott is the Director of Education at Veritas Collaborative. Dedicated to providing individualized education and vocation services to meet the unique needs of each patient during treatment, Mindy has developed our academic programming since we first opened in 2012. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and has taught middle school, high school, and community college English in California and North Carolina.

A leader in the hospital educator field, Mindy serves on the executive board of the Hospital Educator and Academic Liaison (HEAL) Association, the North American organization supporting professionals who work to improve the educational outcomes of students with medical and mental health needs. Mindy is also an Associate Editor of the international journal, Continuity in Education, focusing on the education of children and young people with medical and mental health needs. In 2012, Mindy earned a specialized certification in the education of academically and intellectually gifted students through a graduate program at Duke University, and in 2015, Mindy became National Board Certified in Exceptional Needs/Gifted and Talented.


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