Reflections on a Veritas Thanksgiving

I have always found the post-Thanksgiving time to be a great time for reflection: reflection on the year that has passed thus far and reflection on the meaning of Thanksgiving in the broader sense.


At Veritas Collaborative, expressing gratitude is an integral part of the daily eating disorder recovery process; and, for patients, families, and staff, the Thanksgiving holiday is a very special day when everyone comes together to express their gratefulness.

We, the Culinary Staff, are always so thrilled to be able to participate in a time where everyone shares in the joy of cooking, the joy of eating, and the joy of togetherness.  It is so special to not only prepare the food for the families, but also be a witness to the entire family’s recovery process.

I could certainly take the time to elaborate on the amount of production we employ in the preparation of the Thanksgiving meal, or how the specific items we serve are made and seasoned to achieve the results we desire, yet Thanksgiving is about so much more. It’s about giving thanks for the things in life that make our own personal life journey a safer, fuller, and intrinsically more rewarding experience. So, I choose to side step explaining our meal productions to elaborate on the daily displays of compassion and joy, strength and determination, commitment and dedication, and self reliance and self sacrifice, by both residents and staff, that leave us humbled and proud to be a part of such a miraculous facility.


Thanksgiving is not an abstract concept for us in the Culinary Department…

  • Thanksgiving is in the patient’s smiles we encounter on a daily basis in our resident Culinary Groups.
  • Thanksgiving is in the tireless and compassionate commitment of our Nurses, Doctors and Therapeutic Assistants.
  • Thanksgiving is in the healing words and direction of our Therapists and Dietitians.
  • Thanksgiving is in the passion and vision of our Executive Team.
  • Thanksgiving is in the words of encouragement shared between patients during times of struggle and success.
  • Thanksgiving is in the gratitude shared with us by the families. 
  • Thanksgiving is in the outpouring of vocal and emotional support during send off snacks.
  • Thanksgiving is in the morning greetings we receive everyday from the patients.


While Thanksgiving has come and gone, decorations have come down, leftovers have been reheated and reconfigured for the last time, and preparations for the forthcoming Holiday season have now begun in earnest, Thanksgiving, quite simply, remains in the very soul of Veritas Collaborative!

Written by Chris Skelly, Culinary Services Manager

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