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Jo DeVane
April 25, 2023

Staff Spotlight, Jo DeVane

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Jo DeVane. I’m a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), and have been a psychotherapist at Veritas Collaborative in Atlanta since May 2022. I also worked as a therapeutic assistant at Veritas from December 2020 through May 2021 while I was pursuing my master’s in social work. 

What does a typical day look like for you at Veritas Collaborative?

I typically get to work around 7:45 am and do a breakfast meal support session with one of my patients or catch up on emails from the previous afternoon and evening. The rest of my day is typically spent doing individual therapy sessions with patients, virtual sessions with patients and their communities of support, and my day-to-day tasks, like progress notes and insurance reviews.

What do you do to maintain your mental health while helping clients with theirs?

I do a lot of practical things like going to bed early, engaging in movement, and grocery shopping at the beginning of the week to maintain my mental health while I help patients with theirs. I also love incorporating fun activities into my evenings and weekends, like getting dinner or doing yoga with friends, hiking, watching Formula 1 races with my family, or being outside with my kids.

Which common misconceptions about mental health do you wish to dispel?

I would love to dispel the misconception that people struggling with mental health can’t lead full, beautiful lives. Some of the most incredible and successful people I know (both in personal and professional spheres) have struggled with their mental health at one point in their lives. I want all of my patients to hold hope that their lives can be full and beautiful, too.

What motivates you to show up to work each day?

Several things motivate me to show up to work each day, including providing for my family, seeing my coworkers (who are some of my favorite people), and feeling supported by the clinical leadership team in Atlanta. I also genuinely love the work I do with my patients –  they truly work so hard and deserve clinicians who work hard, too.

What’s something you’re really proud of?

I feel deeply proud to have found ways to nurture my role as a mother while also getting my graduate degree and pursuing my career goals. It’s a hard balancing act, and I’m proud that I continue to find new ways to give my best in both areas of my life.

What one thing do you wish everyone knew about eating disorders?

One thing I wish everyone knew about eating disorders is that they occur for so many different reasons, and there is never one factor that creates an eating disorder. Yes, diet culture often plays a role, but when we dig deeper, so many areas need to be addressed in order for a person to fully recover.