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April 14, 2022

The Importance of a Multidisciplinary Care Team

Eating disorders are complex illnesses that require medical, psychological, and nutritional treatment. At Veritas Collaborative, every member of the multidisciplinary treatment team plays an essential role in a patient’s recovery. In higher levels of care, eating disorder specialists collaborate to deliver treatment that fits the unique needs of each individual in our care. 

In this blog, you will learn about the varied roles that make up our multidisciplinary team of professionals, as well as how each team member contributes to the evidence-based treatment of eating disorders.

Medical Providers

Physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, and more comprise our team of medical providers at Veritas Collaborative. These professionals evaluate, diagnose, treat, and monitor physical ailments that occur as a result of an eating disorder. Physical complications from an eating disorder can include pancreatitis, anemia, Type 2 diabetes, bacterial infections, hair loss, and seizures.

Another duty of the medical providers is to educate patients and their families and communities of support about the health conditions they are experiencing.


Eating disorders come not only with physical consequences, but mental consequences as well. That’s where a licensed psychotherapist comes in. Veritas therapists provide services for individuals, groups, and families, and are informed by a unique blend of approaches, including CBT, CBT-E, DBT, and FBT.

One major aspect of therapy in eating disorder treatment is helping patients learn to address how their symptoms and emotions are connected to food and eating. Therapy also provides a space to develop coping mechanisms, which are vital both inside and outside of the treatment environment. 

Psychiatry Providers

Veritas psychiatrists are medical doctors who prescribe medication to treat eating disorders and other co-occurring mental health conditions. Psychiatrists, just like all other roles, collaborate with other members of the team in order to provide the most comprehensive treatment for every patient. Evaluating patient needs and options for medication management and conducting group counseling sessions are just some of the essential responsibilities of this position.

Registered Dietitians

The main objective of a registered dietitian is to provide optimal nutrition therapy and education. They help patients challenge damaging cultural messages about food and diet by offering expert nutritional knowledge and teaching them that “all foods fit” in a healthy diet. 

The amazing work our registered dietitians do with individuals experiencing eating disorders sets them apart from other RDs. Some of their responsibilities include: completing nutrition assessments, creating meal plans, monitoring ongoing medical conditions, providing nutritional education, and more. This indispensable role ensures that patients are being fully nourished and not slipping back into eating disorder behaviors.

Therapeutic Assistant

Therapeutic assistants play an essential role in the day-to-day experience of our patients. They monitor and assist patients as needed, lead activities meant to help patients adjust to living in a community setting, and help patients gain the skills they need to manage their eating disorder. Experience and education in mental health helps our therapeutic assistants serve each patient on their recovery journey. 

Expressive Art Therapists/Yoga Instructors

Art therapists, music therapists, and yoga instructors use their knowledge and training to plan and lead sessions for patients across the continuum of care. Art, music and yoga can be therapeutic for many mental and physical illnesses, and can be adopted as a helpful tool in eating disorder treatment and recovery. 

What sets Veritas Collaborative apart from other treatment centers is our dedication to comprehensive whole-person care. We understand the importance of a multidisciplinary team in the treatment of eating disorders, as well as a unique treatment plan for every patient. Veritas is one of the few eating disorder programs in the nation that offers a full continuum of care, from inpatient to outpatient. Our medical, psychiatric, psychological, and nutritional treatment for these serious illnesses is eating disorder-specific and tailored to the needs of each patient—because that’s essential to lasting recovery. 

Learn more about Veritas Collaborative’s eating disorder treatment centers online or by calling 855-875-5812.