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Together in Hope: One Year Anniversary of Veritas Collaborative

We are proud to mark the one-year anniversary of Veritas Collaborative’s grand opening as a specialty behavioral health hospital for young people and center of excellence for the treatment of eating disorders.

For us, Veritas Collaborative’s inaugural year has been a wonderful and humbling journey, filled with the remarkable, collaborative efforts of remarkable, collaborative people—together impassioned to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those devastated by eating disorder mental illnesses.

During construction of our beautiful facility, we spent endless hours together with a team of expert builders, architects, and designers, attending to its strong foundation and sound structural framework. 

And when we cut the ribbon on May 24th, 2012, we did so in the context of a stated mission—a sound structural framework, if you will—to deliver extraordinary, best-practice, and comprehensive care for persons with eating disorders.  And to do so together.

Together.  When it all comes down to it, this word is Veritas Collaborative’s strong philosophical foundation of care.  Now more than ever, we hold fast to the claim that the vital enterprise of re-nourishing young bodies and young minds must be a ‘together’ sort of affair.  Be it actual or metaphorical, we are all at the table of recovery – family members, patients, clinicians, referring providers, advocates, researchers, teachers, universities, policy-makers, thought-leaders, and friends.

The success of our collective engagement is embodied every day a child, adolescent, or young person takes a step with us—with all of us—toward the richness of life found on the other side of illness.

So on the occasion of our anniversary, we give thanks for all of you walking this journey with us, and with those entrusted to our care, and end by sharing with you the gracious gift of words from a parent.  May they be heartening, motivating, and hope-giving to us all.

“You have been everything you promised — healing, nurturing, skillful, enlightened, competent and, most of all, ‘collaborative’ with the families of our adolescents. [Our daughter] has been restored to strength and she has a good, solid Veritas foundation under her to sustain her when she gets home. 

We have made friends with other parents and these extraordinary young people. We have made connections that are warm and supportive.  We have felt a bond with your incredible staff. This has been like a family. 

Thank you for your dream, which is now instrumental in helping restore these adolescents to health, so that they can pursue dreams of their own.”


Together in hope,

Chase Bannister & Stacie McEntyre

Founders, Veritas Collaborative