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IAEDP’s 2013 Imagine Me Beyond What You See Contest
January 31, 2013

Veritas Collaborative is the Lead Sponsor for IAEDP’s 2013 Imagine Me Beyond What You See Contest

Veritas Collaborative is proud to be the first-ever lead sponsor for the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (iaedp™) Foundation’s Imagine Me Beyond What You See Mannequin Art Contest.

Now in its third year, Imagine Me Beyond What You See was designed to promote a healthy awareness and acceptance of body images. This now-annual body image art competition, an awareness through art campaign, is held in conjunction with the iaedp™ Annual Symposium held every year. The mannequin art contest is open to everyone; however, iaedp™ is expressly asking treatment centers and private practices with art therapists to work with patients to provide entries. Mannequins are available in different body shapes and sizes.

This year’s winner will be spotlighted at iaedp’s Annual Symposium in March, receive a financial award, have their photographic artwork used in iaedp™ promotional mailings for a year, and have the actual mannequin auctioned at the Annual Symposium, with proceeds going to the iaedp™ Foundation. To see this year’s entries and for more information about Imagine Me Beyond What You See contest visit the iaedp™ website.

“Veritas Collaborative joins with those interested in re-membering bodies & lives that have been dis-membered, both by eating disorder illnesses and societies blithe to their tyranny,” says Veritas co-founder Chase Bannister.  “In the vulnerability living in the art displayed here, may we all find ourselves re-imagined & re-created through hope.”

For more information about how expressive arts are integrated into the treatment programs at Veritas Collaborative or about the programs we offer, please call 855-875-5812 or email