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June 9, 2020

Serving as Agents for Change

A message from our CEO, Mike Browder, to Veritas team members and communities:

As always, I hope this note finds you and your loved ones safe during this trying time.

Recently our teams have been addressing our country’s racial disparities, apexed with the killing of George Floyd, and the subsequent protests taking place across our country.

Speaking out against injustice and working to create inclusion is essential to both our nation’s democracy and the culture of Veritas Collaborative. The ongoing protests are proof of the need for change and a call to end the tragedies we have witnessed too often in our country. Now is the time to stand united against institutional racism and its devastating consequences.

Like each of you, I have done a lot of personal reflecting over the past couple of weeks. As a result, I now find myself turning inward thinking about our Veritas family, one who continues to do extraordinarily important work on behalf of our patients and communities of support. To this end, I’ve wondered what we can all do for each other, both at work and in our collective communities, to further this important cause? How can we all stand united?

Listen. Change always begins with listening and understanding. Conversations about racism can be uncomfortable, but they are completely necessary. We encourage these conversations to continue at home, in our communities, and, importantly, at work.

Be a place of healing. An element of Veritas’ everyday work is to assure that all individuals reach their full potential for optimal health. To achieve this vision, we must address racial, ethnic, and cultural inequities, including those in healthcare that are realities for far too many individuals. While progress has been made, we have more work to do.

Value and uplift diverse opinions. Our organization’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council (EDI) has been charged with defining, modeling, and leading the organization to recognize and treasure the cultural diversity of which we are comprised. In short, they are accountable for ensuring that our organization treats all persons (patients, team members, community members, and beyond) with dignity and respect. I’m proud of the work they are doing and will continue going forward.

Be a change agent. At the recommendation of our EDI, I am also proud to share that our company will be making a meaningful donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. The donation will also be matched by our Board of Directors. This is the beginning of how we will work to not only better our organization, but the communities we serve.

Together, we at Veritas are dedicated to being a positive force for change. Thank you for standing united to do so.

In solidarity,
Mike Browder
Chief Executive Officer
Veritas Collaborative