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Veritas Collaborative Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Eating Disorder Treatment in Charlotte, N.C.

Charlotte’s only comprehensive, multidisciplinary eating disorder center treating all genders empowers families, sees immense growth.

Veritas Collaborative, a specialty healthcare system for the treatment of eating disorders, today celebrates the one-year anniversary of its Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Clinic in Charlotte, N.C. As the region’s only multidisciplinary eating disorder center treating all genders, the company’s Charlotte operations have grown quickly and will continue to expand in 2019 with a new facility and increased staff.

“When we opened the Charlotte center one year ago, we knew that improving access to eating disorders care was a real need, and we set out to offer services for patients and families affected by eating disorders,” said Stacie McEntyre, LCSW, CEDS, founder, president and CEO of Veritas Collaborative. “As we celebrate a year of treating patients in the Queen City, we reflect on numerous successful patient outcomes and encourage those who will begin their journey to recovery in the years to come as we offer higher levels of care. We anticipate the opening of a larger Charlotte center inclusive of medical assessments, outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization levels of care in the second half of 2019.”

During its first year of operation, the Charlotte center saw 124 patients, about a quarter of them males, and worked through nearly 2,000 appointments. The organization also collaborated with a variety of providers, hospital systems, and community organizations to provide enhanced education and support around a health concern that affects an estimated 30 million people nationwide.

“I love working with children, teens, and young adults because they are open, honest, and resilient, and I credit evidenced-based, multidisciplinary care along with our devoted team of five for creating numerous recovery stories here in North Carolina,” said Dr. Preeti Matkins, MD, FAAP, FSAHM, executive director of the Charlotte center and the first Veritas Collaborative employee in Charlotte. “Providing patients with an entire care team consisting of medical care, therapy, and nutritional guidance makes a huge difference in patient outcomes, and we are honored and blessed to empower families in this way.”

The Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Center in Charlotte is currently located at 5970 Fairview Road, Suite 500 in Charlotte. It services greater Charlotte, central and western N.C., and northern S.C. by providing multidisciplinary care for children, adolescents, and young adults up to age 25 impacted by eating disorder illnesses in a gender-diverse and inclusive environment. It is on track to relocate to a larger facility in the Spring of this year to meet increasing patient needs. The center currently provides level of care assessments and outpatient care but looks forward to adding intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization services once relocated to a new facility.

Patients treated in Charlotte have access to the full spectrum of Veritas Collaborative care. The company’s multidisciplinary team understands that it is imperative to treat eating disorder illnesses close to the age of onset – around 12 years of age – at the highest level of care and achieve stabilization before transitioning to outpatient care.

Individuals interested in receiving treatment can contact Veritas Collaborative’s Center Intake Team at (919) 908-9740 or

About Veritas Collaborative 

Veritas Collaborative is a specialty healthcare system for the treatment of eating disorders. Veritas provides a range of individualized, evidence-based services for ages 8 and older, including inpatient, acute residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient levels of care in a gender-diverse and inclusive environment. Veritas envisions a world in which all persons with eating disorders and their families have access to best-practice care and hold hope for a cure. Our multidisciplinary team of treatment professionals include physicians, psychiatrists, dietitians, therapists, nurses, teachers, culinary team members, and therapeutic assistants.

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