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Durham Lobby
March 19, 2019

Veritas Collaborative Now Accepting Referrals for Level of Care Assessments at the Child & Adolescent Hospital in Durham, NC

We want to collaborate with you and your client through providing comprehensive medical and diagnostic assessments.  These assessments are often the entry point for an individual’s recovery journey and provide appropriate diagnoses of eating disorders or other conditions that may require medical intervention.

Conducted by uniquely qualified medical and psychiatric providers and eating disorder specialists, these assessments are medically-based and ensure that individuals with known or suspected eating disorders are receiving the right diagnosis with the right level of care at the right time.

Individuals who receive assessments, and for whom a higher level of eating disorders care is indicated, benefit from a streamlined admissions process and knowledge they are taking the right steps toward success in long-term recovery. We are thrilled to have this additional service now available in Durham, to support an individual’s eating disorder recovery journey close to home and at every step along the way.  This service is available to individuals between the ages of 8-24 years old.

To schedule a LOC assessment or other outpatient appointment, call 855-875-5812 or email us at