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Veritas Collaborative Opens Adult Hospital in Durham

Veritas Collaborative, a specialty hospital system for the treatment of eating disorders, announced the opening this week of a new hospital in Durham for adults 18 and older with eating disorders.

“There is a tragic lack of services available to adults with severe eating disorders across the entire country,” said Stacie McEntyre, founder, president and CEO of Veritas Collaborative. “I am proud to say that Veritas is expanding access to care for this population in a way that is absolutely unprecedented.”

Following a petition by Veritas to open the 25-bed adult hospital, North Carolina became the first state in the country to approve certificate-of-need beds dedicated to the treatment of eating disorders. Certificate-of-need programs, which most states have in place, regulate the number and type of hospital beds needed by each state’s residents. North Carolina is the first CON state to declare that eating disorders deserve their own designation.

Veritas’ new adult hospital is a 28,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility located at 615 Douglas St. The organization recently relocated its child and adolescent hospital from 615 Douglas St. to a larger facility in Research Triangle Park, then repurposed the Douglas Street facility to open the adult hospital.

The addition of the new adult hospital brings Veritas’ total number of facilities to three – a 40-bed child and adolescent hospital in Durham, a 25-bed adult hospital in Durham, and a facility in Richmond, Virginia, providing day treatment and intensive outpatient care. The organization has plans to begin providing specialty eating disorders services to the Atlanta community in 2017.

Veritas Collaborative’s recent hospital opening makes it the only specialty inpatient treatment option in North Carolina able to treat individuals across the lifespan with severe eating disorders. In addition to treating patients from North Carolina, Veritas also serves patients from across the country.

“We are honored and proud to have the nation’s first CON beds dedicated to the treatment of eating disorders,” said McEntyre. “Our hope is that other states will follow North Carolina’s example so that specialty eating disorders care is more accessible nationwide.”

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