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Leah Graves
March 27, 2020

Voices of Veritas: Creating a Can Eat Culture

Leah Graves, RD, LDN, CEDRD, FAED, Vice President of Nutrition & Culinary Services

Our 2020 Voices of Veritas series features thought leaders and subject matter experts at Veritas Collaborative who are driving the standard of care in eating disorder treatment to help fulfill our vision of a world in which all persons with eating disorders and their families have access to best-practice care and hold hope for a cure.

In honor of National Nutrition Month, we are highlighting Leah Graves, RDN, LDN, CEDRD, FAED and the important work she does with our nutrition and culinary teams. As Vice President of Nutrition and Culinary Services, Leah supports positive recovery trajectories by creating treatment systems that deliver individualized nutrition services. We provide evidence-based care that manages the complexity of beliefs about nutrition and eating disorders and encourages the development of a balanced, all-foods-fit approach to eating.

The Nutrition Team is comprised of registered dietitians who develop individualized nutrition plans, conduct patient and family counseling, and teach the skills necessary to confidently navigate mealtimes after leaving Veritas Collaborative.

The Culinary Services Team is comprised of executive chefs, sous chefs, and cooks who prepare nutritionally balanced meals based upon the individualized plans created by the dietitians on the nutrition team and empower patients and families with culinary-based instruction.

Together, these teams integrate best-practice nutritional science with quality culinary practices to support patients through the recovery process.

A Can-Eat Culture Creates Lasting Change

It’s been said that eating disorders aren’t about food. That may be true, but it’s also true that helping patients achieve and maintain a healthy nutritional state is an important first step in the recovery process — it makes other treatment elements more effective.

“Successful treatment takes a strong multidisciplinary team. As dietitians, we work with our colleagues to provide patients with a strong foundation for the recovery journey to begin.”

Our registered dietitians spend valuable time with patients and their families and guide them in the development of eating habits that are balanced, sustainable, and supportive of a well-rounded life.

The Nutrition Team at Veritas Collaborative helps people replace harmful cultural beliefs about eating with empowering perspectives that inform healthier behaviors.

Experiencing Food in a New Way

Reintegrating the fundamentals of nutrition is an essential part of recovery. For some, this involves a process of rediscovery, and for others, it is a radically new way of thinking and behaving. We take a hands-on approach that empowers patients with the skills they need to continue practicing healthy eating behaviors after they exit treatment.

Leah and the Culinary team are on a mission to help people experience food in a new and enjoyable way.

“Culinary programming offers an opportunity for patients to interact with food in new and less threatening ways which support treatment in general and nutrition therapy more specifically. Patients find Culinary Groups to be a positive aspect of eating disorders care.”

The executive chefs, sous chefs, and cooks on our culinary team are dedicated to teaching patients how to experience food in a healthier way. From preparing meals in groups to cooking with loved ones in one of our family kitchens, Veritas Collaborative offers a one-of-a-kind culinary program that reinforces the recovery process.

Together, our Nutrition and Culinary Services Team integrates best-practice nutritional science with quality culinary practices to support patients through the recovery process.