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Taylor Rae Homesley
March 29, 2019

Voices of Veritas: Taylor Rae Homesley, LPC

In today’s Voices of Veritas post, we meet Taylor Rae Homesley, associate center director at Veritas Collaborative’s Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Hospital in Atlanta. Taylor Rae’s role keeps her on her toes, and she is always amazed at how quickly time passes while at work.

“There are days where I’m running groups, sitting with patients during mealtime, participating in meetings, or helping to train staff so we can provide the best possible care for kids and adults,” says Homesley.

April will mark Taylor Rae’s two-year employment anniversary with Veritas. Born and raised in Atlanta, Taylor Rae has had a passion for eating disorder treatment since college. She started her work in the Atlanta center as a therapist, moved on to serve as an IOP manager at the same clinic, and then transitioned to her current role at the hospital when it opened in the summer of 2018.

“There are many things I love about my job, but two come to mind immediately,” she shares. “First, I love seeing patients make life-changing progress. I also enjoy that no day is ever the same. I like coming into work with a general plan for the day and enjoy the ebb and flow of the unexpected, too.”

Ironically, the most enjoyable part of her work can also be the most difficult. Since no day looks the same, it can be challenging to manage through a variety of tasks at the same time – but every challenge has its reward. And for Taylor Rae, it’s being part of a phenomenal team.

“From clinical to front desk, to frontline, we have an amazing team in Atlanta, and I love being part of that. I’m so grateful for the ability to learn from so many different people and hear different perspectives that help treat patients as they journey toward recovery.”