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Through advocacy work, community and professional events, and media outreach, Veritas is helping to bring cutting-edge research, best-practice care, and scientifically backed information into the national eating disorder conversation. Here in our blog you can learn about the work we and others are doing to advance the understanding and treatment of eating disorders. You’ll also find interesting articles and helpful insights that can support you or a loved one on the journey to lasting recovery. We want to hear your story. Email us ( and ask how you can become a contributor!

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Recovery Isn’t A Straight Line

Recently my daughter has had some setbacks in her recovery.

This is normal. Very normal.

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Episode 14: Eating Disorders Aren’t Just a Thin White Woman’s Disease

Episode description:

Eating disorders affect everyone. Unfortunately, one major eating disorder stereotype is that the illnesses only affect thin, white women, leaving men, nonbinary folx, and BIPOC on the outskirts of the conversation. To discuss this stereotype, the reality, and what we can do to work against the incorrect assumptions around eating disorders, we talk to Emily Program therapist Jamila Helstrom.

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The First Step to Recovery

It was an evening in January. A school night. I cooked an Italian dish, I can’t remember exactly what it was.

It was medicine.

I knew my daughter was developing an eating disorder. Her therapist thought so too. I had read several books, consulted websites, and even had a long phone conversation with a noted author and parent who had fought this battle before.

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Episode 13: Sarah’s Recovery Story

Episode description:

Peace Meal’s Recovery Stories series features voices of individuals in eating disorder recovery and beyond. This episode features Sarah Churchward, a professional writer, and makeup artist. In her late teens, Sarah was diagnosed with both anorexia and chronic narcolepsy. She discusses the process of coming to accept her chronic illness while being in eating disorder treatment and how that process made her into who she is today.

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Practicing Self-Care During the Summer

The anticipation of summer – the warmer weather, vacations, and possibly changes in routine – can induce anxieties for those in recovery from an eating disorder, making it that much more important to practice regular self-care during the summer months.

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Veritas Richmond

Veritas Collaborative opens Charlotte’s first medically integrated eating disorder center

Region’s only gender-diverse eating disorder center creates access to higher levels of care.

Veritas Collaborative, a specialty healthcare system for the treatment of eating disorders, today opened its Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Center in Charlotte, N.C. The opening is a direct result of patient demand and community support for the approximately 416,000 North Carolinians affected by eating disorders.

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Ken Recovery Story

Episode 11: Ken’s Recovery Story

Episode description:

Ken Capobianco is an award-winning music critic whose work has appeared in The Boston Globe, Billboard, The New York Times, and many more publications. While immersed in the rock and roll music scene, Ken found himself struggling with severe anorexia—for 30 years. Despite living with a severe eating disorder for all of those years, Ken found eating disorder recovery and wrote a book about his experience.

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How To Be An Ally

While many people believe eating disorders predominately affect teenaged, straight, cisgender females, disordered eating is a disease that can affect anyone, at any age and from all walks of life. This includes any race, socioeconomic status, as well as any gender identity or sexual orientation. In fact, research has consistently shown that eating disorders disproportionately impact the LGBTQIA+ community. Gay males are thought to represent only 5% of the total male population, but among males who have eating disorders, 42% identify as gay.

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Episode 10: Binge Eating Disorder and Weight Bias

Episode description:

Weight bias is the negative attitudes, beliefs, assumptions, and judgments toward individuals because of their weight. Abbie Scott and Maggie Meyers of The Emily Program join Peace Meal to discuss the reality of weight stigma in relation to individuals with binge eating disorder (BED)—and what we can do to break the stigma and better help individuals who are struggling with BED.

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A Parent’s Perspective on Recovery

Recently there was a discussion in a Facebook group for ED caregivers about what recovery looks like. A lot of the answers were the same. Stable weight. Intuitive eating. Less reliance on meal plans. Reduced ED behaviors. Or being completely behavior-free.

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Charlotte Grand opening - Team together

Veritas Collaborative Hosts Charlotte Grand Opening

Charlotte’s first medically integrated, gender-diverse eating disorder center creates access to care.

Veritas Collaborative, a specialty healthcare system for the treatment of eating disorders, today celebrated the grand opening of its Child, Adolescent & Young Adult Center in Charlotte, N.C. The center celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by center tours and a celebration with community dignitaries, members of the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, the Veritas Collaborative executive team, and its multidisciplinary staff.

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Weight Bias in Schools

In the medical field, as well as in life, things are not always either black or white, but rather various shades of gray. In the past, providers have used growth charts, family history, and pubertal status to review development, growth spurts, pubertal status. In the early 1990’s Body Mass Index (BMI) became a new determinant of health yet BMI alone, without looking at growth patterns and growth spurts are not indicative of health: just as weight alone does not indicate or refute evidence of an eating disorder.

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OCD and Eating Disorders: Untangling the Diagnostic Web

The Veritas Collaborative Symposium on Eating Disorders offers medical, mental, behavioral and other healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn from renowned experts in the eating disorder field. Steven Tsao, Ph.D., a keynote speaker at this year’s symposium, walks us through the complex comorbid relationship between obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and eating disorders and how to properly diagnose and treat these two disorders.

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Episode 12: Eating Disorders and Athletes

Episode description:

Eating disorders in athletes are incredibly common but unfortunately, they often go unaddressed. NEDA estimates that eating disorders affected 62% of women and 33% of men who participate in aesthetic-based or weight-class sports. To discuss eating disorders in athletes and how we can help advocate for healthy living and recovery, former Vikings’ and current Twins’ dietitian Rasa Troup and recovered distance runner and advocate Jenny Scherer join Peace Meal.

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Do The Work

After her diagnosis and once we knew her admission date into residential, my daughter asked one question.

“When can I come home?”

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Emilee Rojas

Voices of Veritas: Emilee Rojas

In our “Voices of Veritas” series, we’re introducing you to some of the world’s most engaging thought leaders, compassionate caregivers, and science-minded multidisciplinary teams. They work together to fulfill the Veritas Collaborative vision of a world where all persons with eating disorders have access to best-practice care and hold hope for a cure. 

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Veritas Collaborative Lobby

Veritas Collaborative Celebrates Another Year of Healing & Recovery

Today is an important day at Veritas Collaborative, as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of our Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Hospital in Atlanta, GA and the seven-year anniversary of our Child & Adolescent Hospital in Durham, NC. When it opened one year ago, our Atlanta site was Georgia’s first eating disorder hospital. Together, these hospitals represent a commitment to create access to care where it did not before exist.

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Why Eating Disorders Can’t Afford to Wait

June 2 marks World Eating Disorders Action Day when members of the eating disorder community – affected individuals, families, friends, professionals, researchers, and policymakers – unite virtually to increase access to accurate information, debunk myths and advocate for resources and policy change. This year, the focus is “Eating Disorders Can’t Afford to Wait” and we are joining in on the conversation.

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Episode 9: Jessie Diggins’ Recovery Story

Episode description:

Olympic gold medalist and eating disorder recovery advocate Jessie Diggins joins Peace Meal to share her recovery story. Plagued with bulimia in her late teens, Jessie found eating disorder recovery at The Emily Program and continued on to find Olympic success in skiing.

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