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Rethinking Resolutions: Setting Goals That Support Eating Disorder Recovery

It happens every January, almost without fail: the hyper-focus on losing weight and getting in shape can make the early months of the year difficult for anyone to navigate. This social pressure to engage in weight-related New Year’s resolutions can make the start of the year a particularly complicated time for those in eating disorder recovery and their loved ones. Taylor Rae Homesley, LPC, CPCS, CEDS-S, Clinical Director at our Child, Adolescent & Adult Hospital in Atlanta, encourages us to proactively rethink the way we approach long-term goal setting, reject diet culture, and reclaim the start of the year as a time for renewal and recovery.

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Maintaining Eating Disorder Recovery During COVID-19

As our world navigates the impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, one thing is certain – we are in uncharted territory. This is an unprecedented time, and we may not know how to respond. We may feel worried because there is no way to anticipate what may be coming next. It is only human to feel anxious and scared! During uncertain times we may feel a loss of control, on edge, and more vulnerable to negative emotions.

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Maintaining Your Recovery During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a wonderful and exciting time for families and friends to celebrate together. While many people look forward to the holiday season, this time of year can cause an increase in stressors for individuals who are in recovery from an eating disorder.

Here are five important tips to help you effectively navigate the holidays while maintaining recovery.

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Navigating the Doldrums of Eating Disorder Recovery

There are areas of ocean near the equator known as the doldrums. Known for stagnant, humid, and windless weather interrupted by erratic storms. In the age of sailing, sailors could be adrift for days or even weeks on end, waiting for the wind. Sails flat. Wake non-existent. Adrift.

As the parent of a child with an eating disorder, I have been on that boat. Adrift. Days running together. Small victories. Marginal setbacks. A sudden storm that vanishes as quickly as it appeared. Just waiting for the wind.

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We Are Brave

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to share my story as a caregiver at the Veritas Collaborative community event in Atlanta, GA.

During the question and answer, a parent of a child with an eating disorder shared their experience – mentioning several times how scared they were and how they wished they were “brave like me”.

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Managing Seasonal Change in Eating Disorder Recovery

Although in many parts of the country it still feels like summer, fall has officially begun! While many people look forward to the fall season, the seasonal change and the season itself can cause an increase in stressors for individuals who are in recovery from an eating disorder.

Here are five important tips to help you effectively navigate the seasonal change in recovery.

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The First Step to Recovery

It was an evening in January. A school night. I cooked an Italian dish, I can’t remember exactly what it was.

It was medicine.

I knew my daughter was developing an eating disorder. Her therapist thought so too. I had read several books, consulted websites, and even had a long phone conversation with a noted author and parent who had fought this battle before.

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