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1295 Bandana Boulevard West
Suite 310 & 210
St. Paul, MN 55108
P: 651-645-5323
F: 651-621-8490
Toll-Free: 1-888-364-5977

Virtual Eating Disorder Support Groups

The National Alliance for Eating Disorders offers free virtual support groups led by licensed eating disorder clinicians. 

  • Pro-Recovery Support Groups:
    • Mondays, 12pm ET
    • Tuesdays,  7pm ET
    • Wednesdays, 9pm ET 
    • Thursdays, 7pm ET 
    • Fridays, 12pm ET 
    • Saturdays, 11am ET
  • Larger Body Individuals Pro-Recovery Support Group: Mondays, 7pm ET
  • LGBTQ+ Pro-Recovery Support Group: Wednesdays, 7pm ET
  • Friends & Family Support Group: Thursdays, 7pm ET
  • Mom2Mom Support Group: Tuesdays, 4pm ET
  • Individuals Who Have Lost a Loved One Support Group: every third Monday of the month, 7pm ET  

Learn more and register on The Alliance’s website.