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Support for Families

Everyone needs support.

It is common to overlook your own needs when supporting a loved one with an eating disorder. Prioritizing your well-being and self-care during this time will better equip you to support your loved one’s recovery. Our team is here to offer care and guidance to patients and their communities of support, ensuring that no one is alone in this journey.

Explore our eating disorder treatment services and get started on the path toward collective healing today.

A family having a big hug

It is not your fault.

You are not to blame for your loved one’s eating disorder. Eating disorders are complex illnesses influenced by a blend of biological, psychological, and social factors.

Whatever you are feeling is valid.

You likely feel a range of emotions about your loved one’s eating disorder. Fear, frustration, helplessness—it is normal to feel what you are feeling. 

Stay Connected

While you wait to begin care, please maintain your connections with your community-based providers, including any medical, mental health, nutrition, or psychiatry professionals.

By completing this Release of Information form, you can also allow these providers to share information with Veritas Collaborative. This communication between providers helps to inform care decisions and develop a treatment plan tailored to you and your loved one’s needs. 

Find Support

We know that waiting for treatment can be incredibly hard. Remember that being on a waitlist does not invalidate your need for care or diminish your worthiness of receiving treatment. That said, you and your loved one may wonder if treatment is worth the wait. Having others to connect with and offer support is critical during this time. We encourage you to explore the following resources to help you navigate the challenges of the waiting period.

Free Virtual Support

Virtual Eating Disorder Support Groups

The National Alliance for Eating Disorders offers free virtual support groups led by licensed eating disorder clinicians. 

  • Pro-Recovery Support Groups:
    • Mondays, 12pm ET
    • Tuesdays,  7pm ET
    • Wednesdays, 9pm ET 
    • Thursdays, 7pm ET 
    • Fridays, 12pm ET 
    • Saturdays, 11am ET
  • Larger Body Individuals Pro-Recovery Support Group: Mondays, 7pm ET
  • LGBTQ+ Pro-Recovery Support Group: Wednesdays, 7pm ET
  • Friends & Family Support Group: Thursdays, 7pm ET
  • Mom2Mom Support Group: Tuesdays, 4pm ET
  • Individuals Who Have Lost a Loved One Support Group: every third Monday of the month, 7pm ET  

Learn more and register on The Alliance’s website.

Share Your Story

Are you a former patient or parent interested in inspiring others with your recovery story? Email us ( and ask how you can become a contributor to our blog or podcast.

Eating Disorder Helplines

ANAD Helpline (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders)

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

  • If you are in crisis, there are options available to help you cope. For confidential support available 24/7 for everyone in the United States, call or text 988 to connect with the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. Chat services are also available.
  • Visit the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline website for more information or to access chat support.

Please access the nearest Emergency Department or call 911 in case of a life-threatening medical or mental health emergency.