Support for Families

Everyone needs support.

It is common to overlook your own needs when supporting a loved one with an eating disorder. Recognize your own need for support during this time, prioritizing your wellbeing and self-care. You’ll be better equipped to support your loved one’s recovery in turn.

Find support from other people experiencing a similar situation at one of our upcoming Community Events.

It is not your fault.

You are not to blame for your loved one’s eating disorder. Eating disorders are complex illnesses influenced by a blend of biological, psychological, and social factors.

Whatever you are feeling is valid.

You likely feel a range of emotions about your loved one’s eating disorder. Fear, frustration, helplessness—it is normal to feel what you are feeling. 

Recovery Starts Here

If you have questions about anything - eating disorders, our programs, specific needs or concerns - or you'd like to schedule an initial phone assessment or a comprehensive in-person medical assessment, please give us a call or complete our contact form. Our admissions team is here to help.

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