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1295 Bandana Boulevard West
Suite 310 & 210
St. Paul, MN 55108
P: 651-645-5323
F: 651-621-8490
Toll-Free: 1-888-364-5977

For Professionals

Trust Veritas with your eating disorder referrals.

We help healthcare professionals recognize the signs and understand the symptoms. We work with the patient, family, and community of support to create an individualized treatment plan designed to provide the tools needed for lasting recovery. If you suspect an eating disorder, don’t wait.

Provider speaking to patient

Referring a Patient

If you suspect food, body image, weight, and/or eating issues, the American Academy of Family Physicians and American Psychiatric Association suggest that you act quickly. Learn to recognize signs of disordered eating and how the team at Veritas Collaborative can assist you and your patient.

Meet our Treatment Teams

Our multidisciplinary care teams provide compassionate psychiatric, nutrition, and medical treatment for patients with eating disorders.

Therapist and adolescent sitting on couch talking
Professional woman smiling

Professional Relations Team

Our Professional Relations Team is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals and communities with information on eating disorders and services at Veritas Collaborative.

Educational Events

Gain new insights through our educational events. Find a wide range of community and educational events that can help raise awareness, increase access to care, reduce stigma, and educate about eating disorders and related topics.

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Young therapist

Professional Training

Veritas Collaborative offers opportunities for graduate students to pursue therapy training in eating disorders. 

Informational Materials

Download informational materials from Veritas Collaborative.

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Join Our National Provider Network

Our Professional Relations Team is available to provide information and updates about our eating disorder treatment centers, programs, and services, along with opportunities for continued education and networking. Connect with us today.