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Be a part of our collaborative community.

We are passionate about raising awareness of eating disorders and promoting best-practice care⁠–but we can’t do it alone. Please join us!

For professionals, we offer regular training programs and other professional events that will be of interest to you, whether to learn, to network, or to share expertise with a collaborative community of your peers.

Others will find a range of community and educational events that can help raise awareness, increase access to care, reduce stigma, and provide education about eating disorders and related topics.

  • Accanto Health’s 2022 Continuing Education Schedule

    Additional registration details to come.

    Self Care and You: January 13th, 12–2pm ET

    Getting Out of the Way: Food and Body Bias: Thursday, January 27th, 12–2pm ET. Learn more and register here.

    ED 101: February 21st, 12–1:30pm ET

    RD 101: February 22nd, 12–1:30pm ET

    MD 101: February 23rd, 12–1:30pm ET

    ARFID 101: February 24th, 12–1:30pm ET

    BED 101: February 25th, 12–1:30pm ET

    Cultural Influences on Dietary Restrictions, Influence of Dietary Restrictions on Nutrition Therapy: March 10th, 12–2pm ET

    Ethical Considerations of Eating Disorder Treatment: May 12th, 12–2pm ET

    Eating Disorders and the LGBTQIA+ Community: June 9th, 12–2pm ET

    Advocacy and You: July 14th, 12–2pm ET

    Return to Campus: College and Eating Disorders: August 11th, 12–2pm ET

    11th Annual Accanto Health Symposium: Beside and Beyond: September 14th–16th

    Eating Disorders and Suicide/NSSI: October 13th, 12–2pm ET

    Eating Disorders and the Holidays: November 10th, 12-2pm ET

    Preparing for the New Year: How to Navigate Weight Stigma and Bias: December 8th, 12–2pm ET

  • 11th Annual Accanto Health Symposium: Beside and Beyond: September 14th–16th, 2022

  • No networking events are planned at this time.

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