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TJ Tunis RN | Veritas Collaborative Staff

TJ is a Registered Nurse having earned his Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Duke University. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from N.C. State University and is returning to school to obtain his Master’s In Health Administration from the University of Cincinnati. He started as a Cardiac-Stepdown Nurse at Duke Regional Hospital but developed a passion for working with adolescents with eating disorders while working part-time at Veritas Collaborative.   With his medical/surgical skills and emerging leadership skills, he quickly moved from a Team lead into a role as Nursing supervisor.  He is detail oriented and is skillful at managing all data for the Performance Improvement Committee elements and leads quarterly meetings.  He was instrumental in being a subject matter expert in the roll out of the hospital’s new Electronic Medical Record through the training of staff and consistent oversight of documentation.   He is highly interested in the effects eating disorders have in the heart and cardiovascular system. TJ strives to be an integral part of helping develop both new and seasoned nurses into successful psychiatric and eating disorder nurses as he has also worked with nurse management on modules and educational sessions for the nursing staff.