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1295 Bandana Boulevard West
Suite 310 & 210
St. Paul, MN 55108
P: 651-645-5323
F: 651-621-8490
Toll-Free: 1-888-364-5977

Ro'Shannon Wilcoxson


Shannon Wilcoxson

Office Manager

Child, Adolescent & Adult Eating Disorder Treatment Center – Atlanta, GA

Shannon Wilcoxson (she/her) is the Office Manager at Veritas Collaborative’s Child, Adolescent & Adult Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Atlanta, Georgia. As Office Manager, Shannon oversees the Atlanta site’s front desk administrative staff. She also serves as a Therapeutic Assistant for patients in our intensive outpatient program (IOP), assisting the treatment team with various therapeutic modalities.

Nurturing youth has always been Shannon’s passion; she finds happiness in helping families obtain much-needed mental health treatment. Driven by empathy, Shannon takes pride in connecting with and understanding those struggling with mental health issues.

Shannon is currently pursuing her master’s in clinical psychology. When not busy studying, she can be found at any of Georgia’s beautiful parks, reading books and people-watching.