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North Carolina

Veritas locations in North Carolina

At Veritas Collaborative, we provide compassionate eating disorder treatment around best practices and evidence-based care. Our multidisciplinary treatment teams are committed to providing individualized treatment for children, adolescents, and adults in a gender-diverse and inclusive environment. Our eating disorder treatment centers in Durham and Charlotte, North Carolina, are robustly equipped to provide many levels of care, including inpatient treatment, residential treatment, PHP, IOP, and virtual visits.

To determine whether it’s time to seek help for yourself or a loved one, take our self-assessment quiz or call 855-875-5812 to schedule an assessment today.

Durham center bedroom

Child • Adolescent • Adult

RTP – Durham, NC

Eating Disorder Treatment Center

IP, Res

Child • Adolescent • Adult

Ages 8 and up (IP)

Ages 8-17 (Res)

Veritas Collaborative Eating Disorder Treatment Center
4024 Stirrup Creek Drive, Suite 200, Durham, NC 27703

Durham center lobby


Douglas – Durham, NC

Eating Disorder Treatment Center



Ages 18 and up

Veritas Collaborative Eating Disorder Treatment Center
615 Douglas Street, Suite 500, Durham, NC 27705

Triangle - Durham, NC Group Room

Child • Adolescent • Adult

Triangle – Durham, NC

Eating Disorder Treatment Center


Child • Adolescent • Adult

Ages 8 and up

Veritas Collaborative Eating Disorder Treatment Center
4024 Stirrup Creek Drive, Suite 100, Durham, NC 27703

Charlotte dining room

Child • Adolescent • Adult

Charlotte, NC

Eating Disorder Treatment Center


Child • Adolescent • Adult

Ages 8 and up

Veritas Collaborative Eating Disorder Treatment Center
1900 Scott Avenue, Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28203

A woman on a laptop doing virtual treatment


Virtual Treatment


Child • Adolescent • Adult

Delivered within a secure online environment

Eating Disorder Treatment in North Carolina: How Veritas Helps

Veritas Collaborative’s eating disorder treatment centers in Durham and Charlotte, North Carolina, are uniquely equipped to provide the best combination of personalized, effective interventions to achieve lasting recovery from an eating disorder.

Our collaborative, compassionate approach to care will support your recovery goals and keep you on track every step of the way.

Conditions Treated

We know that eating disorders aren’t a choice, phase, fad, or a matter of willpower or vanity. They’re serious, multifaceted, brain-based illnesses that have the second-highest mortality rate of all mental health conditions. All types of eating disorders deserve effective treatment that reflects their complexity and seriousness.

At our North Carolina treatment centers, we individualize care to address the unique characteristics of each eating disorder. Our teams of multidisciplinary providers have the clinical training and expertise to treat all eating disorder diagnoses, including:

Treatment Types

Eating disorders are complex illnesses with wide-ranging impacts on a person’s body, mind, and quality of life. It takes a team of providers and a combination of therapeutic modalities to address the full scope of physiological, behavioral, nutritional, and other medical complications of an eating disorder.

At our North Carolina eating disorder treatment centers, we pair each patient with a dedicated multidisciplinary treatment team. Each team member has extensive, specialized experience treating eating disorders and collaborates with our patients, their families, and their communities of support to offer the care, skills, and encouragement needed to prevent relapse and foster lasting recovery.

Our North Carolina multidisciplinary care teams consist of:

  • Medical providers
  • Psychotherapists
  • Psychiatric providers
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Therapeutic Assistants
  • Expressive Art Therapists
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Case Managers

Veritas’ eating disorder treatment centers in Durham and Charlotte, North Carolina, provide best-practice care tailored to the unique treatment needs of children, adolescents, and adults of all genders. Our evidence-based, whole-person treatment models are offered across a full continuum of care to ensure each patient receives the right treatment at the right time. The levels of care we offer in North Carolina include:

Insurance Information

We’re proud to partner with a range of insurance plans to help alleviate treatment barriers for our patients in North Carolina. Veritas is in-network with most major insurance providers, including Aetna, Anthem / BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, United Healthcare | Optum, and others. Call us at 1-855-875-5812 for support in navigating the insurance process.

Ratings and Reviews

At Veritas, we’re not just treating eating disorders, we’re treating people. Hear from former patients and their families who have experienced hope and healing at our North Carolina treatment centers:

“If you want treatment that lasts, from an understanding, compassionate, and knowledgeable team, then this is who you need on your side.”

– Diane, Charlotte, NC

“Overall, these trained professionals are the best. They do all they can for the residents and families as well – from nutrition education, to proven therapy, to compassion and strong and unwavering dedication to keep our kids safe in their battle with a misunderstood and deadly illness. While not everything was perfect, we learned the tools necessary for when we were able to leave Durham. I have so much respect for all the staff and standards in the facility and would recommend should you need care for a loved one to not accept anything less than Veritas.”

– Veritas Parent, Douglas – Durham, NC

“The team was attentive and beyond patient, and really made every effort to work with my daughter. They were genuine and I felt an immediate trust with everyone on her team… These individuals truly wanted to help my daughter who has an extremely severe case of anorexia and anxiety with trusting others.”

– Rose, RTP – Durham, NC

Unique Considerations for North Carolina Residents

914,052 North Carolinians will have an eating disorder in their lifetime. Unfortunately, due to stigma and societal misunderstandings, far too many of them go without eating disorder treatment. Eating disorders can cause a variety of complications the longer they’re left untreated, some of which can be life-threatening.

The good news is that eating disorders are treatable, and life in recovery is possible—we see it for our patients every day. You shouldn’t have to suffer in silence for a moment longer. Help is available here in North Carolina. Veritas’ personalized, evidence-based programs are designed to address the root of your eating disorder symptoms and guide you toward a peaceful relationship with food and your body.

Explore our North Carolina treatment locations and reach out today to begin your healing journey.