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Our Approach to Care

Committed to your recovery every step of the way.

Before we start out together toward recovery, it is important to know that it takes an incredible amount of courage to even consider treatment for an eating disorder, more than most people will ever know.

Through the resources we provide, you, your family, and your community will acquire new skills: ways to recognize and honor the emotions that are part of the eating disorder recovery process. With your help, our multidisciplinary team can provide extraordinary opportunities for you and those important to you to grow and understand the most helpful ways of supporting each other — because you are going to need one another — along the journey of recovery.

Family Community Support

Family & Community of Support Program

Families and communities are just as much a part of our multidisciplinary treatment teams as our staff and just as much a part of the recovery process as their loved one.

We know that individuals, their families, and their communities may feel a swell of emotions when they or someone they love makes the decision to enter treatment. This is not only common, it is expected, and it is something that we understand well and strive to speak to directly. Families and communities are just as much a part of our multidisciplinary treatment teams as our staff is and just as much a part of the recovery process as their loved one is. Through eating disorders education and skills training, we aim to empower not only the individual in treatment, but those supporting them as well. Recovery can be a bumpy road, and it is one best traveled with companions.

In addition to receiving individualized family or community of support therapy that focuses on your team’s specific needs, we also provides a unique treatment experience with our multifamily/multicommunity programming each weekend.

It Takes a Village

What you’ll discover during our multifamily/multicommunity programming:

  • A safe space to share your experiences with families and communities who “get it” and are also working toward eating disorder recovery

  • Time to practice newly-won skills in a low-risk environment

  • Nutrition, culinary, and meal portioning training

  • Education around the research and treatment of eating disorders


Education & Vocational Program

Integrated directly into both our Child & Adolescent and Adult Programs, our education & vocational programming allows individuals to continue making progress towards their educational and career-oriented goals.

As a part of the Child & Adolescent Program, our Education Department works with adolescent patients’ home school to enable a continuation of academic progress at our fully equipped, on-site school.

We'll help you stay on track

Enrollment & Curriculum

Once at Veritas Collaborative, each individual will be enrolled in our on-site school to maintain the student’s attendance record and educational needs. The DPS Hospital School will use the curriculum from the student’s home school, when available, in order to create a smooth transition back to the home school upon discharge from Veritas Collaborative.

Should the student be in treatment during the summer months, an Education Coordinator will convene book clubs and independent learning projects when appropriate. An Education Coordinator is also available to counsel students on their academic coursework, SAT/ACT preparation, college planning, and other education-related topics.


Each Education Coordinator is a licensed teacher employed by Durham Public Schools to provide educational services to the patients of Veritas Collaborative. Each student will follow their individual learning objectives during regularly scheduled school times in our classroom. In addition to the instruction provided by our Education Coordinators, we have many academic resources including online courses available and volunteer undergraduate and graduate level tutors.


Communication between the student’s home school and the Hospital School is essential in planning an appropriate educational program. Although the student will be enrolled in the Hospital School, the home school will continue to be the school of record, and any grades given for work completed will be in the name of the home school.

Parents & Families

Our Education Coordinators partner with parents and the students’ home schools to ensure the appropriate implementation of each student’s coursework.

Expressive Art

Expressive Art & Movement Therapy

It can be difficult for an individual with an eating disorder to separate themself and their thoughts from the disorder and its noise. The opportunity to express emotions and ideas nonverbally in a supportive, nonjudgmental atmosphere creates a safe space where an individual can find their voice.

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way— things I have no words for.” -Georgia O’Keefe

Recover loudly

Through expressive art and movement, you will:

  • Explore body image, self esteem, and personal strengths

  • Identify emotions and develop insight through imagery

  • Challenge perfectionism and hone creative problem solving

  • Learn mindful, self-soothing coping skills to reduce stress and relieve anxiety

  • Strengthen interpersonal skills through group art making and murals


Culinary & Nutrition Program

We know that the food part of eating disorder recovery can be scary. That’s why we offer a one-of-a-kind culinary program that gives you, your family, and your community the skills necessary to confidently navigate mealtimes after you leave Veritas Collaborative.

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” -James Beard

Experience food in a new way

What you’ll find in our collaborative kitchen:

  • Guided meal planning and preparation (hands-on)

  • Family/community of support-friendly kitchens for collaborative meal preparation and navigation

  • Regular, in-kitchen interactions with gourmet chefs and registered dietitians

  • Family/community of support mealtimes

  • Comprehensive meal support

  • Preparation for off-site restaurant outings