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Expert Adolescent Eating Disorders Treatment Professionals

The inpatient, acute residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs of Veritas Collaborative exist because we’ve seen the possibility of recovery turn into reality time and time again. We’ve seen life and light return to the eyes of young people and with your help we can turn that possibility into a reality.

A Community of Collaboration

Within the context of each level of care, Veritas Collaborative offers:

  • Coordination of academic progress with your school through the guidance and support of our full-time Teacher & Coordinator of Education Services
  • Daily, hands-on kitchen and culinary experiences led by gourmet chefs specially trained to work with persons recovering from eating disorders
  • On-site family education — giving every patient & every family the best chance for a supported and sustained recovery
  • Specialized internal medicine services, including nursing around-the-clock
  • Direct provision of psychiatric services with our Medical Director
  • Individual, family and group therapy with Veritas Collaborative’s team of psychotherapists, each of whom use established and emerging evidence-based approaches to eating disorders care, including family based therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, & experiential therapies