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Art Therapy

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Art therapy gives individuals the opportunity to express their emotions and ideas nonverbally in a supportive, nonjudgmental atmosphere.

During the art therapy group, individuals have access to a variety of art materials and are given art therapy directives that focus on goals specific to the eating disorder recovery process. Individuals are encouraged to discuss and process the symbolic imagery in their artwork with their peers at the end of each session.


Art therapy directives focus on: 

  • Exploring body image, self esteeem, and personal strengths
  • Challenging perfectionism and promoting creative problem solving
  • Identifying emotions and developing insight through imagery
  • Learning mindful, self-soothing coping skills to reduce stress and relieve anxiety
  • Strengthening interpersonal skills through group art making and murals


At Veritas Collaborative, individuals participate in art therapy groups and individual sessions are available upon request.