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Family Program

Together, recovery is possible.

At Veritas Collaborative, we know that individuals and their families may feel a swell of emotions when they make the decision to enter treatment. This is common and something that we at Veritas Collaborative understand well and strive to speak directly to.

In addition to receiving individualized family therapy that focuses on your family’s specific needs, Veritas Collaborative also provides a unique treatment experience with our Multi-Family Programs each weekend.

Our Multi-Family Programs focus on:

  • Group Process time for parents and families to discuss their experiences with other families going through eating disorder treatment and recovery
  • Experiential groups about nutrition, cooking, and meal portioning
  • Skills-based groups designed to help your family incorporate new skills in communicating with one another and coping with the emotions that arise during eating disorder treatment and recovery
  • Education of the research and treatment of eating disorders

Through the individual family sessions and Multi-Family Programs at Veritas Collaborative, our goal is to help families feel stronger and more hopeful on their journeys through eating disorder treatment and recovery.