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Education Program

Integrated directly into The Child & Adolescent Treatment Program, Veritas Collaborative, in conjunction with The Durham Public Schools Hospital School, provides continued education for our patients by enrolling them in our fully equipped on-site school.

Classroom - Eating Disorder Treatment at Veritas Collaborative

Enrollment and Curriculum

Once at Veritas Collaborative, each individual will be enrolled in our on-site school to maintain the student’s attendance record and educational needs.  The DPS Hospital School will use the curriculum from the student’s home school, when available, in order to create a smooth transition back to the home school upon discharge from Veritas Collaborative.

Should the student be in treatment during the summer months, the Education Coordinator will convene book clubs and independent learning projects appropriate.  The Education Coordinator is also available to counsel students on their academic coursework, SAT/ACT preparation, college planning, and other educational issues.


Each Education Coordinator is a licensed teacher employed by Durham Public Schools to provide educational services to the patients of Veritas Collaborative.  The Education Coordinators communicate with parents and home schools to ensure the appropriate implementation of each student’s coursework. The students will follow their individual learning objectives in regularly scheduled school times in our classroom.  We have many resources for the students; in addition to instruction from our Education Coordinators, we have on-line courses available and volunteer undergraduate and graduate student tutors.  The Education Coordinators are creative in implementing the students’ educational plans and meeting each student’s needs. Our Education Coordinators maintain contact with students’ home schools to design an instructional plan for each child. Instruction occurs in our on-site classroom, and students receive credit for school attendance and for the assignments completed.  The Veritas Collaborative Education Program’s primary goal is to enable the continuation of student learning and prepare the student for a smooth transition back to their home school upon discharge.


Communication between the student’s home school and the Hospital School is essential in planning an appropriate educational program.  If possible, home schools can provide books in addition to assignments.  Although the student will be enrolled in the Hospital School, the home school will continue to be the school of record, and any grades given for work completed will be in the name of the home school.  Upon discharge, the home school will be contacted to facilitate the student’s transition back to their local school community.

Parents and Families

The Education Coordinators welcome parental input.  Parents will also be helpful in transporting books and assignments to and from the student’s home school and continuing to support their child’s therapeutic and educational needs.