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Most young people who come to Veritas do so reluctantly. Maybe it’s a bad time—they have an upcoming school event, a championship game, a dance recital or competition. Or maybe they think treatment is unnecessary, and that their families are overreacting to their eating choices. Many are angry that their voices aren’t being heard. And all are unsure of what life will look like without an eating disorder.

We understand your resistance to taking this step. That’s why we strive to meet each person where they are, to learn their unique perspective, needs, and desires, and to help them get the treatment they need while respecting the other important aspects of their lives.

Even before committing to treatment, there are resources available to answer your questions and to let you hear from others who have been in the same place you are. We hope these resources, provided below, help relieve some of the confusion and anxiety you’re feeling right now.

Please know that whatever your next step may be, you will not take it alone.

Do I have an Eating Disorder?

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External Resources

Below are links to leading eating disorder associations that can provide additional information about eating disorders and their treatment.