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School & Community Resources

Tools for education, support, and skill-building

Explore our curated website resources intended to help debunk common myths around eating disorders and treatment, and empower advocacy and prevention efforts within your own school and community.

WithAll’s “What to Say” campaign

The mission of WithAll’s “What to Say” campaign is to stop diet and weight talk to protect the physical and mental health of kids. Find resources for what to say instead, as well as answers to your everyday questions about supporting kids as they navigate food and body image issues.

NEDA school and community resources

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) provides an educator toolkit, school resources, and educational brochures that can be downloaded for free.

Be Real curriculum resources

Be Real provides curriculum resources to use with children in classroom settings or after-school groups.

Informational materials

Considering care at one of our eating disorder treatment centers but want to learn more? Download informational materials from Veritas Collaborative.